All Your Qs About Winter Skincare in Your 30s, Answered

All Your Qs About Winter Skincare in Your 30s, Answered

Here’s How To Get glowing Skin In Your 30s Without All The BS


As my 30s are fast approaching, I can honestly say that I’m pretty damn excited to say sayonara to my 20s. I mean, it’s no secret that your 20s are there to teach you the meaning of trial and error. But, as I get older (ish), I’m starting to realise that my body just ain’t what it used to be in my younger years. Gone are the days of waking up as fresh as a daisy after an all-night gin induced bender. No, no, now all it takes is a couple of (reasonably sized) glasses of vino the night before and I’ve woken up with a jackhammer inside my head, the Sahara Desert in my mouth and a face that resembles a shrivelled up prune. No joke. And so in my wise *ahem * 28 years of living, I’ve learnt one important fact—hydration is key. Not just for your body but for your skin too and especially in the winter months when the elements can leave your face looking dry and dull.

My skin used to be so soft and supple and bright… and now? Every time I look in the mirror, I’m left with constant reminders that my skin is starting to age. Those pesky little laugh lines that form at the bottom of your eyes, soaking up every last drop of concealer you’ve liberally applied to try and hide those big black eye bags, dry patches, dullness and seriously, who the F invented adult acne!? So, when I discovered Shiseido’s new range of Essential Energy skincare products that are specifically designed for women in their 30s, “who are balancing a career, family and personal life, whose days are long and demanding” … This sounded a bit like me and I was intrigued.

Seriously, honeys — these products cover all basis. You can thank me later.

The range includes the Essential Energising Moisturising Cream, the Essential Energising Moisturising Gel Cream and the Essential Energy Day Emulsion with an SPF 30. The moisturising cream has the heaviest consistency, it’s great to incorporate into your everyday skincare routine and for someone like me who has dermatitis, it doubles as a fab hand moisturiser too. The gel works in the same way but has a lighter, smoother texture—it really just comes down to whether you prefer a moisturiser or a gel. Finally, there’s the Day Emulsion gel which works well as a day cream with its SPF to protect your face from the elements. You’ll find ingredients such as citrus Unshiu Peel Extract and Bio-Hyaluronic Acid which help to encourage the skins ability to create moisture itself and the whole range promises to target fine lines caused by dryness, combat dullness and bring out a dewy glow in your skin… Not to mention they all have a subtle fruity and floral smell that isn’t at all overpowering.

So, with all that said, I asked Skincare Expert Bhavna Maharaj a few questions on the best way to look after your skin by using these types of products and here’s what she had to say!


What is the importance of having a good skincare routine during winter months?

Skin changes with every season. In winter people can experience different things with their skin : dryness and dehydration are probably the most common problems. A good routine will prevent skin becoming dry, dull and lacklustre.


What is the difference between a gel, oil, and a moisturiser?

A gel is very lightweight and great for oilier skin types. Your oil is going to be more nourishing and can be used for drier skin types or on its own or as a serum, it’s also ideal for night time use but try to stay away from oil if you have skin sensitivities like rosacea. Moisturisers are your medium to heavy products that provide more comfort and nourishment, they’re best suited to normal and sensitive skin types.


What product works best for each skin type? Oily, dry, combination and why?

Oily skin types prefer gels, gel feels light on the skin and doesn't make the skin look greasy and slick. Dry skin types would prefer oils as the oil feels quite comforting on your skin and your combination skin prefers a moisturiser. You can get moisturisers in a medium - heavy weight depending on the time of day, opting for something lighter to wear makeup over and something thicker and heavier at night time to sleep in.


Does layering products give you a better result? And if so, in what order would you use them?

Layering products is great! The lighter the consistency, the better the penetration because of the smaller molecular structure, so that will always go on first—think serums and oils. Then use your moisturisers, opting for light, medium or heavy. An SPF is always great in the morning to help protect your skin throughout the day and here's a little tip—Use a thin layer of your hydrating masks if you have any laying around, apply that straight before bed and sleep in it to replenish your skin especially in these cooler months. 


So with all that said my saucy, little readers— These products get two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me. Any product that promises to give me hydrated and younger looking skin is def worth a go in my books and these products are the bomb dot com.



Essential Energising Moisturising Cream $89, Essential Energising Moisturising Gel Cream $89, and the Essential Energy Day Emulsion with an SPF 30, $85 - Available at Shiseido counters.

 Presented to you in collaboration with SHISEIDO.


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