5 Things | Our Favourite (Guilty) Feminist Podcast, Netflix Show, Drink & More

5 Things | Our Favourite (Guilty) Feminist Podcast, Netflix Show, Drink & More

5 things for your five senses | to watch, listen, listen, and an online shop we are really into FOR THE SILLY SEASON

Summer is always my favourite time of year, not merely because of the weather – although this is an incidental benefit – but because I finally have more mental real-estate to dedicate to creative pursuits and hobbies. If you have also been struggling not to squander all these extra daylight hours, then allow me to help bring you back to a basic baseline and engage your five senses with five things to see, smell, listen, taste and touch.


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I’m the first to admit that I hate watching cooking shows- they inevitably make me ravenous, and wildly dissatisfied with the amateur ingredients in my pantry. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat did both those things - and yet I loved it beyond belief. The Netflix original leads with the premise that if you master the four titular elements, you can master the kitchen. Samin Nosrat; the infectiously chipper host, takes the viewer around the globe, exploring each element with careful attention and humour. Nosrat wont make you feel guilty for not buying all your produce at local organic farmer’s market, but will leave you with practical tips to elevate your own cooking. Did you know there are 4000 varieties of salt and you are very likely buying the wrong one? Viewer beware; this show will make you itch not just for the food but the places too, from stunning olive groves in Liguria, Italy, to the bustle of outdoor markets in Mérida, Mexico.

Stream here on Netflix.


via @lelabofragrances

via @lelabofragrances

Le Labo’s Santal 33 has been a cult favourite overseas for years and has finally filtered down to little old New Zealand, (all praise and glory to Mecca Cosmetica).  Created with the inspiration of the iconic Marlboro Man in mind, the unisex scent pulls together violet, iris and spices in the most intoxicating way. This perfume is of the select breed that induces strangers to inhale deeply as you waft past. Despite its rampant, global popularity, it never feels over-worn or common. I find it mixes differently with the chemistry of each wearer’s skin. Androgynous fragrances are definitely having their moment right now, and Le Labo is no newcomer to the phenomenon. You can rest assured you’re in good hands with a personalised, hand-mixed bottle of one of their scents.

Available here, for $294



The market for niche beverages is threatening to overflow with quirky craft beers and boutique spirits. Anyone seeking an unfussy summer sip would be well advised to give Club Mate an honest go. The non-alcoholic drink sits somewhere on the spectrum between an iced tea and an energy drink, that is naturally derived from the South American stimulant yerba mate. The soft drink has a smoky, tannin-y undertone and the all the benefits of a cup of coffee - without the post-alertness fidget and crash. Club Mate has raked up a dedicated cult following in Berlin and broke into the US market with decent fanfare. However, it flew relatively under the radar upon it’s New Zealand release, meaning it’s sometimes pesky to get your hands on- but well worth scouting out. Sublime on it’s own, but just as good as a mixer with a dark rum and a few wedges of lemon!

Discover the product here



No one loves a good true crime podcast better than me, but sometimes being knee deep in court-room evidence and eerie confession tapes can be a bit off-putting for the commute home. Whenever I want something breezy and light-hearted, I head for the award winning Guilty Feminist podcast.  

The Guilty Feminist is great wind-down listening for the way home. Each episode is a good-natured conversation led by comedian Deborah Francis White about the space where “women’s good intentions bump up against being flawed and human”. The topics are far-reaching, and her guests are witty and relatable; it really does feel like having a stimulating conversation with good friends. Proceed with fair warning when on public transport, the show is equal parts relevant as it is laugh-out-loud funny.  The best part- this podcast is easily accessible on Spotify, and episodes can be watched in any order you please.

Listen to it here


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via tumblr

Ok, I admit touch is not exactly a synonym for buy, but since it’s officially less than a month till Christmas, I will maintain that I’m doing you a huge favour by pretending it is. If you’re looking to gift something a little off-centre, try the knick-knacks at Third Drawer Down. The Australian based store ships worldwide and collaborates with artists to bring customers accessible homewares and gifts that are quirky and unique. A personal favourite of mine are these hand painted ceramic pots by Brooklyn based studio Group Project. They are perfect for a full, leafy table plant, but since I my ability to keep foliage alive is verifiably dismal, I use mine for pens and desk paraphernalia.

Check it out here


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