Aidee Walker | Actor, Director & Writer

Aidee Walker | Actor, Director & Writer
Aidee Walker
Aidee Walker
Aidee Walker
aidee walker

Photography | Clara Pafundi
Interview | Zeenat Wilkinson
20 April, 2016

Our favourite boss lady talks about her beauty routine, health benefits from oil pulling and more.

It is easy to be completely mesmerised by Aidee’s infectious smile and ubiquitous nature the moment you meet her. Always on the move, Walker’s day is an amalgamation of acting jobs, writing, directing and raising funds for NPH (Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos). 
Aidee's approach to beauty is as easygoing and naturalistic as her approach to life in general. The au-naturel blonde beauty keeps her beauty routine simple with a focus on well-being and spirituality. 

PSS : This girl is going places, and we cant wait to see a lot more of her.

"I was about 3 or 4. My mum came home from work and my dad had fallen asleep in front of the TV. She asked where my sister and I were as the house was eerily quiet. He said we were playing in our room. She came in to find my sister had cut my hair and made me up with mum’s make up, badly. It was also all over the carpet. She may have drawn on my face with a vivid (marker) too.

The one thing I am doing a lot of these days is oil pulling with coconut oil. For many reasons, but mainly for gum and teeth health (my dentist was stoked), for good, clear skin, and general immunity.

MAC lipstick, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Balm, Nars blush and Bare Minerals mascara.

Usually I love running, but I have a knee injury so I am back on the bike - which luckily, I also enjoy. I do pilates often which I kinda view as a gift to my future self and then yoga when I can afford it. It ain’t cheap doing all that, right!? I’m getting back into some some boxing, in fact I did a class this morning!)... I love being fit, my personality changes for the better. Fact.

I am a practising Nichiren Buddhist, have been for well over a decade now. I am definitely an atheist, which people find confusing - as with Buddhism you don’t pray to a god or anything outside yourself. This practise really does wonders to keep my life state high and also to look beyond my own shit. It really helps with both perspective and perseverance and turning tough situations around."

There’s always coffee, some oil pulling (supposed to be first thing, but you know, when I can) and I'm on this new thing where I am trying NOT to check my emails etc. on waking. When I’m being super productive, I go through phases where I will get up early and write first, before anything else from 5am (ish) til 8am. But I find it hard to keep this up. I do my Buddhist practice daily (chanting), it’s not exactly meditation, but close to, and perhaps the easiest way to explain it... And then exercise always happens early up in the day depending on what work I have on. Every day is a little different, work dependant. If I’m on set, it’s more likely to be just a shower, a quick chant and then coffee at work.

You know what, I honestly just think you have to work hard. At times you may feel like you are pushing shit uphill or ask ‘why is it handed on a plate for some people and not you?’. But we really can’t compare ourselves to anyone else, we just can’t, it’ll make us sad or bitter, or feel a bit stink about ourself. It’s so much better to do your own thing and be inspired and happy for others. The other way to really motivate yourself is to think of yourself in your final years. I really don’t want to regret not having tried something or fought for something important to me.

Life being hard and challenging is totally okay at times, it really does force us to grow, and that’s really what happens to us with facing our dreams and goals, I think, we have to do our own ‘human revolution’."