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When You Stumble Upon A Hair Cleanser That You Love, You Hold Onto It For Dear Life

HairAugusta StatzHaircare
When You Stumble Upon A Hair Cleanser That You Love, You Hold Onto It For Dear Life

For all those living with kinky, curly hair, you know that the struggle is real.

Getting your curls to cooperate is certainly easier said than done, but really great products make the taming process so much more manageable. Finding your favourite products can feel like a never-ending search, but when you do stumble upon one you love, you hold onto it for dear life. Recently, I found a mousse that has pretty much saved my life (no exaggeration at all!). The magical elixir I’m speaking of happens to be the Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner from R+Co.



I lived in a super humid climate for most of my life, but after a recent move I found myself in an entirely different, very dry climate. It was a total game changer for my hair. I didn’t have to worry as much about frizz thanks to the lack of moisture in the air, but it also left my hair without volume and honestly kind of limp and lifeless.

So, it was time to figure out exactly what was going to bring my bouncy hair back to life. After trying some products that were close to being exactly what I needed (I really liked Lush Cosmetics’ R&B Hair Moisturizer for a while), I finally gave R+Co a try after receiving items from the brand as a PR gift.

Finding the perfect hair item is sort of like finding the love of your life — you’ve got to search until you find the one. Once I tried R+Co’s Analog, my search was over! 

Keeping those curls in check

What I like most about it is the fact that it keeps my coils defined and perky and allows me to shape them how I want to. I use it fresh out of the shower or on second day hair to make the styling last longer in-between washes.

Analog comes in an aerosol container and is a gel-to-mousse formula that’s lightweight and definitely won’t weigh you down! Not to mention, it’s conditioning, which is exactly what my tresses need in a dry environment.


In case you’re curious about scent, this product comes with the “Love Bite” fragrance which is composed of orange, rhubarb, cardamom, juicy fig, guava, blonde woods and amber. In other words, this will have your mane looking great and smelling even better. So yeah — this product has it all.

According to the description on the R+Co website, this works well for any kind of hair — especially coarse or color-treated locks — so even if you’re not dealing with difficult curls, you should consider giving it a try.



You can use this as a conditioner in the shower, or use as a leave-in conditioner, which is what I like to do (other curly-haired girls may find this helpful, too!)


Here’s a breakdown of my styling routine, just in case you’re hoping to use this stuff the same way I do:

STEP 1 – I apply this to my hair post-shower while it’s still damp and comb through my hair

STEP 2 – After combing, I add even more of the mousse, this time being more intentional with placement and applying from the bottom of the strands in an upward motion, sort of lifting my hair as I apply the product (for added volume), styling and placing the strands how I like them as I go. And that’s it. I let my hair air-dry, and it’s just how I like by the time it’s completely dry, all with the help of this miracle haircare item.


If I’m working with unwashed hair, I’ll do this same process after dampening my hair just a bit. Hair that looks freshly done, no actual washing required! That’s my kind of convenience right there.

As you can see, my routine is very simple. Caring for curls doesn’t have to be complicated, if you have incredible products in your arsenal, and that’s precisely why I’ll be keeping my top shelf stocked with Analog from R+Co.

Augusta Statz, photographed by Dario Ortega

Augusta Statz, photographed by Dario Ortega


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