Everything You Need To Know About Arbonne

Everything You Need To Know About Arbonne

We did some diggin' around

At SAUCE HQ, we love discovering new brands, especially if they are claiming big things. So Arbonne obviously intrigued us (and we hear good things about the RE9 serum and vegan makeup). As they make their mark in New Zealand, we decided to round-up the brand facts worth-knowing before the reps get to you :

•   The US-based (Swiss-origin) botanical brand produces a well-rounded product line that covers most aspects of inner and outer health, including cosmetics, skincare and nutrition.

•    Arbonne is 100% vegan. So no animal testing or animal by-products.

•    It isn’t available in stores, as they mainly sell via consultants and their online store. Basically in the same way as good old Tupperware and Avon, via consultants/neighbourhood reps. 

•    All of their shipments are certified carbon neutral.

•    Most popular items from the cosmetic line are : ‘it’s a long story’ mascara, smokey eye shadow, primer, and mineral foundation

•  The 'smoothed over' lipsticks smells ah-ma-zing.

•   Most of their products come with a heavy price tag (but you can ask the reps for  samples before purchasing full size products).

•   All skincare and make-up products are formulated without : Talc, carbon black, parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, hydroquinone, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavours.


Words | Zeenat Wilkinson
Photography | Clara Pafundi