Photographer Clara Pafundi's Bali Travel Diary

Photographer Clara Pafundi's Bali Travel Diary
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I went to Bali for a week and a half, and we stayed in a beautiful villa near Canggu and spent the first part of our trip around the Ubud, Seminyak, and Canggu areas. All three locations are really beautiful and also really touristic, so there is something for everyone to enjoy Bali. My favourite part of the trip was when we moved south towards Uluwatu. The vibe in the south is way more relaxed and genuine, even though it is also full of tourists. 

I am not the kind of traveller who will go and live in the jungle for 10 days straight without power but also I wouldn’t want to spend my holidays inside a retail shop I have seen a million times. So there is definitely a good balance in the south. 


Favourite place to visit in bali

On one of our day trips, we visited this really cool beach called Greenbowl. It was a bit of a workout going down all those steps, it might have been 20 minutes or 2 hours for all I know—we couldn’t stop laughing on how sore we were from walking down, but the beach was unique, and authentic, and beautiful, and so definitely a highlight. After a good couple of nights partying, especially in Uluwatu, we dragged our comatose bodies to Gilli Air where we spent a few days diving, eating, and on pool-siding. 


In my suitcase

I think what I carried with me is not as important as what I would carry with me the next time I visit. So definitely, a good pair of tracking shoes, a couple different pairs of jandals, short-shorts—but avoid denim as it is incredibly uncomfortable at 40 degrees in any life. And, bikinis of all colours and sizes for all occasions. We want to get tanned, right? So (think lines and shapes and take one of each for the perfect tanning). During our trip, the bikini became our uniform day or night. 

Tip from a South American girl: get a small bikini bottom—everyone uses them there and no one will be looking at your bum as if you were a freak of nature or a porn star like they would at any beach here. No one cares what you are wearing and there is probably someone with a smaller bikini than yours.

Last but not least, a cool dress. There are loads of parties in Bali all the time. I had a golden long knit dress that was a killer. 


In my beauty kit:

Body :

In prep for the trip I thought that I can’t show those white pale legs in Bali, no way. I exfoliated my body with a sugar scrub in a delicious vanilla-coconut scent. Two nights before leaving, I used a really cool Sunless Bronzing Gel by Sukin. I loved this product, as it was a lot easier to apply than a bronzing cream. The gel runs more smoothly through the skin and sets in a more even way. Also, the colour I was left with was a really beautiful golden tone—not too orange for my skin type, so definitely a win. Not such a good idea to take it in your bag with you, as between the plane ride and all the moving around, it opened in my make-up bag a few times. So one piece of advise – use it, and leave it home. 



For my skincare, I took with me my Daily Microfoliant from Dermatologica and also my Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream as well. The exfoliant was a really good idea, as I was wearing sunscreen constantly, so a good product to reset the skin at night. I also had with me a few Korean aloe vera masks that I used after showering to refresh my face or directly after washing my face right off the beach. 



On nights out—the only time I could possibly attempt make-up with that heat—I was mainly using my Smashbox Primer and Shimmering Skin Perfector from Becca. Some contouring with my matte Nars Laguna Bronzing Powder and highlighting with my Elizabeth Arden Sunset Bronze Illuminating Chubby Pencil. I had a M.A.C nude lipstick as well as a cool Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy lipstick in Decisive Poppy colour. With some Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara on, I was set to go any day. 



The smartest move on my beauty choices was taking with me my most trusted Eleven Keep My Curl Defining Cream. If you have naturally curly hair that can go seriously wrong in really hot and humid weather conditions, this is a must to keep it in place—unless and until you dip into the water.


- Clara Pafundi

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