Pro MAC Makeup Artists Kiekie & Sarika School Us On The Hottest Nude Lip Looks This Season

Pro MAC Makeup Artists Kiekie & Sarika School Us On The Hottest Nude Lip Looks This Season

To start with, nothing beats nude hues. Natural make-up, smokey eyes, glitter, or any other look, you name it but nudes are essential all the time. It is a timeless classic that will never be obsolete. At Sauce, we think of it as the holy grail of make-up. Nude lips, for example, are like a reliable friend who is always there for you. But there is one myth to dispel: nude lip looks do not have to be boring. Pinky, peachy, brown, plummy, and even red-ish. There’s a whole spectrum to explore. Nude doesn’t always have to be understated either—a lesson we have learned from Global Senior Artist for MAC Cosmetics Kiekie Stanners and Resident Trainer for MAC Cosmetics NZ Sarika Patel. These gorgeous M.A.C make-up experts can inspire anyone by taking nude lips to the next level.


Read on for more inspiration and M.A.C top artists Kiekie Stanners and Sarika Patel's instructions on how to re-create these nude lip looks to suit every skin tone :



A dirty nude lip is my go-to summer beauty look, paired with an ochre-toned eye. I prefer to define my eyes in warm earthly colours, and bronze up my skin for summer nights out so it’s easier to touch up with a glossy nude on my lips. Plus I like to think a nude lip makes me look more sun kissed!

I’m wearing MAC Clouds in my Coffee Liptensity lipstick, with MAC Clear Lipglass over the top.


Sarika wears Flash earrings


Peachstock Lipstick and Love Nectar Lipglass is my all time favourite pale nude lip combination to pair with a bold or bright eye look. Peachstock has the perfect amount of warmth that tones down my natural lip pigment. 

kiekie stanner

Kiekie wears Miss Crabb.



I prefer to wear deeper neutral tones on myself when I want a stronger nude lip, rather than pink tones. My skin is more olive based so I prefer earthy, taupe, or brown nudes when I want a deeper neutral. If a skin tone is a little paler or has more of a pink undertone sometimes a peach or soft pink nude lip can feel more flattering or softer for summer.

I’ve applied MAC Toast and Butter Liptensity Pencil to define my lip line but also fill in the whole lips for longer lasting colour, with Well Bred Brown Liptensity Lipstick applied over the top with a MAC #242 Shading Brush.

sarika mac makeup

Sarika wears Georgia Alice



Topped with Brandy Retromatte Liquid Lipcolour I will be keeping in my makeup bag this summer to transform my makeup look from day to all night. It is also the perfect burnt plum tone that is a couple of shades deeper than my natural lip tone. My lips but better! 

kiekie stanners

Kiekie wears Georgia Alice and Flash jewellery



I’m obsessed with a burnt brown lip when wearing electric colour in summer! Especially deep-brown crimson with this scarlet red Georgia Alice dress! Keep the statement lip your makeup feature, worn with glowing summer skin to accentuate an outfit in an easy way.

I’m wearing MAC Fire Roasted Liptensity Pencil all over for a brick-red base, then washing Carnivorous Retro Matte Liquid Lip over the top to intensify the colour. I use a #239 Shading Brush to apply a veil of colour just within my lip line. MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip sets and lasts up to 8 hours so it’s my favourite product to wear all day and not worry about touching up!



Sarika wears Miss Crabb



I created this look using Habanero Liptensity Lip Pencil applied all over the lip pressed with Clouds in my Coffee Liptensity Lipstick and Love Nectar Lipglass. This is my way of adding colour into my makeup look without committing to a bold lip. Warm orange tones compliment my skin tone through warmer months. 

Follow Kiekie's work here on instagram, and Sarika's here.


Photography | Wono Kim  [In collaboration with MAC Cosmetics]
Words Intro | Irina Sviatskaia



Clearly, there is an art to pulling off the perfect nude lip look.  We would love to hear (in the comments below) how you like to wear yours?