The Facial Oil That Is Quickly Turning Into A Cult Favourite

The Facial Oil That Is Quickly Turning Into A Cult Favourite
Photographed by Irina Sviatskaia for SAUCE

Photographed by Irina Sviatskaia for SAUCE

This is my little coming-out-of-the-closet moment: it’s tough to admit that while working in the beauty industry and talking about beauty non-stop, there are times when I struggle with my skin. I am always trying random products and not all of them suit my skin or affect it in a good way. Today, I want to talk about facial oils (to be certain, about one special oil)—a personal remedy when my skin starts to breakout.



I've lost count on how many compliments I’ve been given on my skin “Aww, your skin is flawless!” they say. It is. But not all the time. There is a little condition that applies making it effective only when I’m my better self. When I’m eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, and not smoking (this applies to most of us). And if I had to confess, I rarely follow it. My usual day consists of four to six hours of sleep (with my heater on), lots of coffee, an indefinite number of cigarettes, barely any physical activity (read: gym), and in the best case scenario, two meals a day (in the worst—zero). Well, don’t get me wrong. I am not proud of that. So my skin is showing me who’s the boss every time I fail to live a healthy lifestyle. As a compensation for not behaving well, I am going heavy on skincare: moonlight infused cleansers, lotions with rose petals, serums with caviar, creams with golden particles, every kind of mask that’s on the market and, of course, the holy grail of my skincare routine—facial oils. It helps a lot to maintain that healthy look with no dryness or pimples all over the face.



All those things I have mentioned above help to detoxify my skin and energise it. However, my skin breaks out… a lot. And when it does, it seems like nothing works anymore. Just one spot on another and another spot. Every time it happens (rarely), it makes me self-conscious and worried that this phase would never end. No make-up can cover for that, and so I mostly turn my home mode on cutting all the skincare except for a range of oils until the moment it heals. Frankly, it works wonders!
Oils don’t overwhelm the skin with active ingredients and calms it down. It gives my skin everything it needs: moisture, glow, and what’s most important—some rest. It’s like a serum, a cream, and a mask packed together in a smooth liquid called 'oil'.


I have discovered a new gem

The latest gem I came across was *Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil—rich in texture yet a lightweight blend of vitamin E and sesame, sweet almond, and jojoba oils. Sesame oil is a deal breaker for wounded and inflamed skin, thanks to essential fatty acids such as linoleic and palmitic and its anti-bacterial properties (it is even used to make signs of eczema and psoriasis better). Sweet almond oil is useful for getting rid of acne, as it helps to kill germs and dissolve the sebum produced by our skin. Jojoba oil can be found in every second skincare product nowadays and I’ll tell you why. It works as a double agent—not only is it rich in vitamins A and E and moisturises chapped skin but it also controls acne, because of its anti-inflammatory power. Those are not all the reasons why I fell in love with the Bobbi Brown oil. There are some essential oils in its formula. For example, neroli (reduces post-acne scars and other unwanted marks), patchouli (speeds up the healing process of cuts and wounds), lavender (again, fights acne), and sandalwood (irritation, say no more). Besides everything I’ve already said, those essential oils are like a little aromatherapy ritual for yourself. They help to relieve stress and treat depression (hell yeah!). As Bobbi once said, the brand started with a desire to feel comfortable in her own skin. And you know what? This product makes my skin feel very happy and secure. I can’t imagine even a day without it since the moment I got it. (*PR Gift)



I apply this facial oil first thing in the morning when I wake up and rinse my face with Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil (a gentle way to get rid of sebum that has developed overnight). I also switch my make-up primer for this product sometimes. It gives me that fresh look even if my skin is dull and tired. And last but not least, I use it before going to sleep by gently massaging into my skin in circular movements. I know it works, as I wake up with a glowy face, improved skin tone, and healed wounds if I have some.



A bottle of Extra Face Oil looks super cute on my bedside table—bulky jar made of thick glass with a bold black cap. Not even mentioning how good it looks on photos, oh my. A little con against this oil—there’s no pump. You have to be careful if you’re willing to take this companion with you on your further adventures, as when not stored correctly, it tends to leak. (Tip: Ask for a travel friendly roll-on in-store if you need one for your travels).

All in all, my verdict is YES, 100 percent go for it. 

Available here, $160 [one bottle can easily last for up-to for 4-6 months]

**PR Gift, honest review. 
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Previously on staff at Allure Russia, Irina moved from Moscow city to New Zealand. So what does Irina do when she isn’t testing beauty products and writing reviews? Eating avos and nailing the perfect VSCO filters!