SAUCE Christmas party

SAUCE Christmas party



Last week, we hosted our Christmas party along with TANGO, to celebrate our growing community of Saucettes and our wonderful support system–the Sauce team. To add to the giant confetti-filled night, we photographed FOUR of our most active Saucettes (Sauce muse) in TANGO vintage. We also quizzed them about their guilty pleasures for the holiday season, beauty virtues, vices and what sums up the best things in life!

Clare Andrew, 27, Fundraiser AND Event PLANNER

My beauty vice is…dry shampoo.

My beauty virtue is…Estée Lauder perfectionist youth-infusing brightening serum and concealer. It covers up my tired eyes from late nights during the silly season!

The best things in life are… family, friends, and sunshine.

I am currently listening to… Black as Night by Nahko and Medicine for the People.

sauce muse

Veronika Gulyayeva, 25, Photographer and Production Manager

My goal for the new year is… to create more and work with great people.

My holiday season guilty pleasure...mince tarts and Xmas carols!

My beauty vice...sugar and poor diet.

My beauty virtue...oil, oil, oil, and turmeric.


jamie | sauce mag

Jamie Stanton, 17, Student and Model

My beauty vice… would have to be forgetting to remove my make-up before I fall asleep.

My beauty virtue is… that I always remember to moisturise and drink plenty of water.

My goal for the new year is… to save up for my first car!

My favourite 90s jam… to chuck on would either be so fresh, so clean by Outkast or Miami by Will Smith.

Lauri Watt | sauce mag

Lauri Watt, 20, Marketing Assitant and Student (Bachelor of Commerce)

My holiday season guilty pleasure is… ice cream! Every time I see one, I am suddenly no longer lactose intolerant.

My beauty vice is… washing my hair too many times per week! Especially as I have dry hair. Working on it.

My beauty virtue is… lemon and ginger green tea. A skin fix from the inside out.

The best things in life… aren't man-made. Nature, sun, natural food.

clare andrew | sauce mag
sauce xmas party
sauce xmas party | sauce muse

We want to thank you all for your incredible support and love this year. Here's to our growing community and wonderful Saucettes.

Sauce Team



A big thanks to our co-host for the party – Tango/Driss
And special thanks to Mezze Bar for their delicious tapas. 
A confetti-filled thank you to Soraya La Pread, Carmen (oh Carmen!), Clara Pafundi, Ashley Keen,
our muses and the beauty team.

Makeup | Jemima Kean & Ruth Baron
Hair | SABA SALON, lead by Jessica Taylor
Photography | Clara Pafundi
Jamie @Clyne, Ronnie @Unique, Clare & Lauri @62Models