The Review | Clarins multi-active range

The Review | Clarins multi-active range

Because it's all about that glow.


Let’s just say that late nights, multiple lattes, and mid-afternoon sweet treats pretty much sum up my everyday existence. And unfortunately the early 30s are inescapable (dryness, pigmentation, etc. etc.), and let me not get into all the weird hormonal stuff; that’s the worst. How can one have breakouts and dry skin at the same time?!  

Anyway, things are a little under control lately, thanks to a French beauty house. 

I’ve been using Clarins Multi-Active range for a few months, and I love it for so many reasons. 
The cream (and gel-cream) oxidises the skin while neutralising free radicals to prevent and calm inflammation and sensitivity while keeping it hydrated. Its double-duty protection with deep hydration and plant-based ingredients targets light-reflecting pigmentation, with an end result of healthy looking, super soft skin.  

An exceptional line, designed to target early signs of ageing. Here are the three main active plant-based ingredients used in the line: 

Organic California poppy
This flower closes itself at night to regenerate. Pretty special, isn’t it?
The extract of this flower is used to plump up the skin even if you have late nights and interrupted sleep. This one is a key ingredient for the night cream. 

Teasel extract
 Teasel roots are a powerful antioxidant and revitalising plant ingredient. It is also known to be used as stomach aid, an analgesic for pain relief and as an anti-inflammatory. 

The extract of this South African plant (capable of surviving major water stress) helps absorb moisture and retain it for a long time. 


Available in a cream and cream-gel formula, normal to combination and dry. There is also a day lotion available with SPF 15 for light daily hydration.

I’ve been using the cream formula, as my skin has been extremely dehydrated and flaky over winter months. I’ve noticed a visible improvement in my skin, it's a lot more supple and the peeling on my forehead has totally stopped. Thank goodness for that! 

Remember, it always starts with skin first, something that I have truly started appreciating.

Multi-Active day range : Cream $79, Cream-Gel $79, Lotion SPF 15 for all skin types $79
Multi-Active night range : Cream $89
Available in department stores and pharmacies in New Zealand.
Prices are in NZ Dollars. 

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Review | Zeenat Wilkinson
Photography| Clara Pafundi