Review | Cleansing Balm by Trilogy

Review | Cleansing Balm by Trilogy

Trilogy "Makeup Be Gone" Cleansing Balm | Review 

Having a make remover is as essential and reliable as having the perfect LBD in your wardrobe. A quality makeup remover could make you win a battle against a difficult waterproof liner. That is how imperative it is in our daily routine even though the process can be particularly harsh on the skin, especially if you are scraping every iota of that cakey contour or smokey eyes off. 

I am generally a light make-up user. Thanks to my amazing advertising career which allows me to dress up how I feel like. I swear by my BB Cream and a spectacularly dark eyeliner. I have always had a knack for water and oil based makeup removers because they are very light on my skin. 


I recently tried the latest Trilogy MakeUp Be Gone Cleansing Balm. It is a strikingly interesting idea to use balm as a makeup remover (which we perennially associate as a lip product). So 10/10 for the product on being edgy.
It comes in a chic packaging with easy to understand directions. I dip my fingers in a thickly textured balm and massage it across my face, emphasising on the eye area due to heavy eye makeup. It blends (or should I say melts?!) easily through my skin, eyelids and lips. I then dip the towel included in the packaging and clean my face. Guess what !?! The balm worked miraculously on my waterproof mascara and eyeliner which are major problem areas for me. I had no hint of lipstick stain over my lips. The product is composed of natural and soothing elements such as  sunflower, olive, coconut and rosehip oils along with camomile extract and antioxidant vitamin E which diminish the chances of leaving an irritable skin after use.


I would like to highlight two concerns : firstly and most importantly, bear in mind that it is a balm which is extremely greasy. So definitely abstain from using it if you have oily skin. Maybe dab a little sample on your skin to test before purchasing to ensure that this is the right product for you? Secondly, as aforementioned, the product is composed of natural elements which means it comes at a decent price of NZD$39.99 which a tad bit on the higher side, considering other major brands providing the quality product at a cheaper rate. 

trilogy cleansing balm


Am I looking to buy it in the future? Probably not, because my skin falls in the oily category. Having said that, I would definitely recommend it to others. It's loaded with antioxidants and vitamin E which helps with hydration and deep cleansing without stripping, and smells like a spa! The application process is very therapeutic and encourages self-care. Massage, remove with warm water and towel. Little luxury and ahhh...oooo moments before calling it a night.

Later Saucettes xx

Words | Akanksha Mehra
Cover Image and Photography | Wono Kim