I scrubbed my way to a better butt

I scrubbed my way to a better butt

The cellulite conundrum. 


A few years ago, my much younger sister remarked, “Us, Thomas women... don’t get cellulite.” How I wish this was true!” unfortunately, years of coffee drinking (and the occasional gin and tonic) seems to have taken it’s toll, or maybe cellulite is just a basic condition most women have to put up with. Either way, there is always room to improve the skin texture of bums and thighs, especially in winter when they can hide beneath layers of opaque tights and jeans.

I would love my bottom to resemble more of a peach and less of a prickly pear, so I decided to try out the New Zealand-made product by Scrub Co. Obviously, no mere coffee scrub is going to change your skin texture in a matter of days, but honestly, this one comes close. The organic ingredients used in the product, such as Fairtrade coffee beans, Himalayan pink rock salt, Demerara sugar, raw cacao, cold-pressed coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil, leave the skin noticeably smoother and silkier after a few days of use.

Apart from the dreaded cellulite, the other enemy of a perfect posterior are the tiny bumps beneath the surface of the skin (apparently this arise from not drying yourself properly after a shower and letting drops of water settle on the skin’s surface). Scrub Co.’s coffee scrub works its magic here as well. It is an easy way of smoothening the skin’s surface and leaving it feeling moisturised at the same time. You can use the scrub on any part of your body or face that needs extra attention and it can be left on for a couple of minutes like a mask as well.

There was no way I was going to contemplate starting my day without at least two strong cups of coffee (cellulite or not), but it would seem like now my coffee addiction is about to extend from the breakfast table and into to the shower! 

Available in original, Raw Manuka Honey, Grapefruit, Ceylon Cinnamon and Hemp Seed Oil. Find it here for $28 each.




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Rebecca Zephyr Thomas is a photographer and writer who has written and shot for magazines including LOVE, The Wall Street Journal, Wonderland and Amuse internationally and here in NZ for The Spin Off, Urbis and Sauce. She enjoys trying new types of face masks and watching Spong Bob Squarepants, preferably at the same time while drinking champagne.