Constance Cummings | Director, Love & Object

Constance Cummings | Director, Love & Object
constance cummings

Interview | Esha Chanda
Photographed by | Mara Sommer

Sauce muse, Constance cummings shares her beauty routine and more

A passion developed in childhood for rich and rare collectables translated into an online store that now boasts a stunning collection of eternally decadent jewels and accessories. The idea of Love and Object—the online destination for statement pieces—was hatched during Constance Cummings’ trip to Europe, three weeks after her graduation. Now, two years since its launch, the store displays the most luxurious vintage jewellery. 
Growing up in a family of collectors—her father is a jeweller and antique specialist—Constance’s love affair with vintage pieces started early.

    “I used to attend my High School Balls in the most outrageous jewellery for a 16/17-year-old and always wondered at the time why people were wearing the same jewellery from chain stores.”


But her passion turned into a business idea much later.

The young entrepreneur sources adornments from history’s most iconic brands such as Balenciaga, Balmain, Chanel and Givenchy that have stood the test of time. With an uncanny eye for exquisite pieces and an appreciation for fine craftsmanship, she handpicks each beautifully crafted jewel that she personally adores.


"I studied law and business initially at Canterbury. One month in and I knew that my dream of being a sassy lawyer was never going to happen, as I craved something artistic. I stuck at it for two years before finally cancelling my enrolment and moving up to Auckland with my new boyfriend who is now my partner of 10 years.

I re-enrolled at Auckland to study Art History and loved it from day one. It is considered a fairly self-indulgent degree, but I have found it has helped me daily in my work for Love and Object.

Three weeks after grad, I went to Europe and bought a collection of jewels back with me from my favourite sources and the idea of Love and Object was born.

I think my greatest achievement so far is having the backbone to walk away from a safe career path and have the courage to start something I was passionate about bringing to the market.


I only buy what I love and if I can think of three different items I could wear it with. That way I don't end up with anything in my wardrobe that I only wear once. Once you find what works for you, stick to it within reason. I know I cannot wear shift dresses, florals or bold colours very well because of my height and figure. I run the risk of looking like a 10-year-old girl otherwise.

Classic cuts and great quality fabrics are always worth investing in, and I’ve learnt to never buy cheap shoes.

Very simple. I have hypersensitive skin, and I have found that working towards having calm, clear skin is easier than finding and applying the right make-up to hide inflammation.

 I've used Cetaphil cleanser and sunscreen since forever and now use the Estee Lauder mask when I’m hungover or tired.

"I hate mascara and you will rarely see me in it except for when I am at events or in meetings. If I have to wear it during the day, I’ll only wear a light brown one by Benefit. I think blondes with pale skin can look a bit tacky in heavy black mascara.

I don’t do facials, mani or pedis. I prefer to do my own. I get my haircut and highlights once every three months at Ryder salon, much to my hairdresser’s frustration.

I am low maintenance, totally anti-fake. I probably get that attitude from my French grandmother. I’d prefer to look a bit shit in a photo rather than get Botox, fillers or wear half a make-up store on my face.

Sunscreen, plenty of water, a red wine in bed and sleep. If you suffer from fine, limp hair like I do, a little apple cider vinegar mixed in a basin of water makes a great natural clarifying rinse."