What Is Crystal Healing? The Right Crystals For Love, Career, Healing Or Letting Go

What Is Crystal Healing? The Right Crystals For Love, Career, Healing Or Letting Go

Crystals 101 


 Does it seem crystal healing is the biggest, holistic, wellness trend of 2019 but is there really anything to it or is it just another fad? Celebs such as Kate Hudson and Victoria Beckham swear by it. Kate Hudson keeps her crystals next to her fave moisturiser to add “a little energy” and Victoria Beckham carries them with her in her purse during the super busy Fashion Week season. And let’s not forget about former “washed up” The Hills star— Spencer Pratt, who made headlines when he spent upwards of $1 million on them a few years back… #craycray.

Aside from the celeb hype, crystal healing is popular all over the world. The “new year, new you” mantra is universal. It’s a common thing for people to set goals while embarking on a self-love or healing journey. You may want things to amp up in the love department, some may find that their career is at a bit of a standing stall and others may need healing from emotional trauma or heartbreak. Regardless of what it is you want to accomplish, manifest or heal, you can be sure that there is a crystal to help you do just that.



I’m a fan of crystals, although I don’t really know too much about them, I’ve got a few scattered around my house and to be honest, I just really like the way they look. So, I did some research and got in touch with renowned crystal healer— Kimberly Stewart of The Channeling, to ask her all about these mystical wee gems, their healing properties and how they can help enhance your life. Here’s what she had to say!


What is crystal healing and how does it work?

Crystal healing uses the vibrations of crystals to heal the chakras in our body and in our aura. It is similar in nature to Reiki energy healing. The chakras are energy centres within our body which work to keep our body, mind and soul healthy and our aura can be thought of as an extension of our physical body.

The crystals used in a crystal healing session help to draw out negative energy from our bodies as well as pass on positive energy that is needed. Their high vibrational energy also has a balancing effect on our chakras.


What are the benefits of crystal healing? 

Crystal healing can be used to help a wide variety of ailments. It is a practice which is often used to release negative thought patterns, rebalance blocked chakras, heal physical ailments or simply as a pick-me-up. It is also a highly relaxing treatment.


What happens during a treatment session with a healer?

Usually you will be asked to pick out a number of crystals that you are drawn to from the healer’s crystal collection. The crystals that you are drawn to will have a certain vibrational level which your mind, body and soul need. Next, the healer will place the crystals on the main chakra points on your body and also around your aura. You may also be asked to hold a couple during the session. From here the healer will push the energy of the crystal into your body by simply placing their hands over the crystal.

Everyone feels different sensations during their treatment. You may feel a tingling sensation, waves of energy, a feeling like you are floating out of your body, or you may simply feel relaxed. Crystal healing is a safe and relaxing healing method so it is important to know that whatever you feel won’t harm you.


The best way to practise crystal healing at home

You can use them in a layout form as a crystal healer would or you can simply hold them while meditating or sitting quietly. Placing a crystal underneath your pillow at night is an easy form of crystal healing and our bodies seem to absorb the energy much better when we are asleep and our minds aren’t so active.


What are some of the most popular crystals and what are their healing properties?

Pyrite, Moldavite and Blue Lace Agate seem to be the most popular crystals recently.

A lot of people have been experiencing difficult situations which are connected to this year being a year of significant life path change. Pyrite is a super-absorber which is especially useful to draw out and absorb the energy which causes anxiety and stress and Moldavite fast-tracks spiritual growth (make sure you don’t overuse this one as its energy is very intense!).



left to right : Pyrite, Moldavite and Blue Lace Agate


I was also interested in what types of crystals one might use to aid their healing journey. The most obvious categories to me were— Love, career, healing or letting go, physical wellbeing and manifestation. So I asked Kimberly what crystals you would want to use for each. She explained that Rose Quartz promotes and attracts unconditional love. Carnelian promotes creativity and Pyrite drives ambition, perfect for giving your career a boost. Aventurine and Lepidolite can be good for healing emotions or letting go. Healerite is the ultimate physical healer, by drawing positive energy to the areas of physical illness and Citrine brings one’s deepest desires to light.



So, if you, like me are keen to try something new and mystical this year then maybe you need to give crystal healing a go. Some may scoff and call all of this phoney baloney but I say, “don’t knock it til’ you try it.”

And if you are keen to give it a whirl then check out Kimberly’s website here and book yourself in for a session. I know I’m going to.

See you soon xx





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