Tiffany Jeans | Curionoir, Founder & Perfumer

Tiffany Jeans | Curionoir, Founder & Perfumer

Simplicity and scents - words which vaguely describe the award-winning genius that is Tiffany Jeans, founder of Curionoir. No introduction can contain the Renaissance Woman that she is; a special muse for our Saucette feature. Personal and historical ties with strong wahine exemplifies Tiffany’s inspirations for creativity. Referring to her brand as objects of art that scent your life, her candles of romanticism and passion are the driving force of her exploration. She works among skilled artisans to produce stories behind every product and we had the privilege of hearing about her daily life right down below. We welcome our new Saucette to our website, Tiffany Jeans of Curionoir.


Curionoir started with a dream I had while I was learning about fragrance development, of my daughter who appeared in front of me with white eyes. That led me to create The Lilith Doll, which was a perfumed Doll head candle I has carved and cast. We naturally grew from there, keeping the ethos of respecting and paying homage to craft.

I have continued to educated myself with perfumery, whether it has been correspondently or doing various courses around the world. My vision for Curionoir has been much bigger than just creating perfume so while I am a fragrance developer and will continue my studies (I will be back in Grasse later in the year), over the years I have also been schooling myself with glass, clay, whakairo, and then there are many facets that extend from there. Curionoir is a whole experience where every detail is deliberated over, from our collaborators to where everything is produced (all in NZ), from the harvesters of ingredients to the wrapping around a candle box, from the customer experience in store to the education our staff receive and pass on. Our philosophy is simple, to create unique sensory experiences unlike any other in the world while supporting our local community which in turn builds our economy.

Our philosophy is simple, to create unique sensory experiences unlike any other in the world while supporting our local community which in turn builds our economy.


I have always loved fragrance but never thought I would work with fragrance. This is a career that has evolved organically and I love it. My great grandmother was a Tuhunga and worked regularly with NZ natives, I believe this is where the love for fragrance started…and then of course my mother and Nan loved wearing iconic fragrances like Chanel and Opium as a child.


Opening our little store on Ponsonby Road, working with such wonderful personalities in our little store and as collaborators, reaching some wonderful retailers internationally and connecting with my Maori culture have definitely been highlights. Curionoir would not be what it is without my Maori heritage.



To be honest I don’t think about it too much. 95% of my wardrobe is Miss Crabb and then I add extra pieces I’ve collected from Acne, Celine, McQueen, NZ labels Penny Sage and Checks. I lead such a busy life running a business with three children, I like to feel comfortable while wearing extremely well crafted pieces.



I am a loyal user of Dermalogica. I cleanse tone, serum, exfoliate and moisturise with Dermalogica. I don’t wear makeup apart from lipstick so it’s important to me to feel good within my skin and Dermalogica meet my needs. And then, of course a Curionoir Parfum is all I need.

No alcohol and caffeine. Lots of [BioCeuticals] Vitamin C and sleep.


Yoga and Qi Gong with my favourite teacher Edna Levy at Bodylight.


I have recently reread Song Of Life, which is about Orpheus and the many beliefs different cultures and religions had surrounding him throughout the ages. It was particularly inspiring while we were working on the final stages and campaign for Orpheus Incarnate, our latest fragrance. I felt like I needed to immerse myself right in to his world and Ann Wroe's book was written so perfectly I could do that. I am currently reading Weeping Water: The Treaty Of Waitangi and Constitutional Change, as I am very interested on the effects colonisation in New Zealand has made to Maori as people, and this book has a selection of essay written by Maori.



Chatting with my girlfriends. Yoga and Qi Gong. Reading.



Anything Kendrick Lamar.



The expansion of our small NZ brand. We have just launched Orpheus Incarnate and will be launching two more fragrances later this year. We have a few large launches internationally with retailers which are keeping our small team very busy.  

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thank you tiffany JEANS and wono kim

photography by wono kim