Notes of Cuban Tobacco Leaves, Mimosa, Tonka Beans And Lemon | Pablo By Curionoir

Notes of Cuban Tobacco Leaves, Mimosa, Tonka Beans And Lemon | Pablo By Curionoir
curio noir shot by Wono Kim for Sauce
curio noir shot by Wono Kim for Sauce

 Introducing Pablo, your favourite new Curionoir FRAGRANCE 


Alluring, captivating, timeless, wondrous, and unisex are some of the words used to describe Curionoir and Founder/Creator Tiffany Jeans’ coveted work. Her brand story is special, too. Tiffany crafted a series of hand-cast skull candles wrapped in tulle for each guest at her wedding. This labour of love eventually grew into Curionoir, one of Australasia’s most sumptuous perfumeries.

Curionoir is like no other, Tiffany is constantly pushing the boundaries of her work by breaking the mould of conventional perfumery.

The new fragrance to the Curionoir family, ’Pablo’, is just as exceptional.

With notes of Cuban tobacco leaves, mimosa, tonka beans, lemon, and freesia, it has an exquisite depth that doesn’t smell ‘commercial’. This is no ordinary scent. It is spicy, oriental but with a twist of softer undertones. This fragrance would translate just as well on a hot day as it would in colder temperatures (imagined warm by a fireplace). I discovered that it softens ever so slightly through the day, but the scent is reasonably long-wearing. This scent oozes mysterious nights; long walks as the sun sets in. I can imagine myself wearing this scent and drinking a glass of red by a lake house as the sun disappears.


So what was the inspiration behind this new fragrance?

An image of Pablo Picasso sitting and smoking in his studio is the inspiration behind the fragrance and the hand-blown glass candle. “The artist influenced so many with his work, but do we know enough about his life—the forbidden and the forgotten? The fragrance is a journey, an exploration. The fragrance is somewhat magnetic, much like Pablo” says Tiffany.

Curionoir Film


If you like deeper, spicy fragrances, this one is for you. It’s anything but boring!

Available from 9 April, 18 in a 4ml pocket size for $50 and 50ml bottle for $265. The CN Glass candle poured into amber hand-blown glass vessel is available in two sizes: 390 grams for $195 and demi glass 85 grams for $105.


*This product was gifted to us for a review. 
Words | Zeenat Wilkinson
Photography | Wono Kim



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