Oh Hello! Your Saucy December Horoscope Is Here

Oh Hello! Your Saucy December Horoscope Is Here


This year has been an uphill climb. The kind of uphill climb where you wore the wrong shoes and forgot to pack granola bars and are now feeling very very faint. Don’t lose heart Saucettes, December is going to be a kicker of a month.

Scroll down to see what the holiday season has in store for you and take notes, dear readers, some of you have homework to do! (I’m looking at you Sagittarius, Capricorn and Leo). Oh and for your viewing pleasure we’ve handpicked our favourite Love Actually moments for the holiday season.

“If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around.”


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There is no sugar-coating it, 2018 has been rough – but fret not Aries, we see you, and things are looking up for sure.  

Your routine has made you feel sluggish and trapped, and it is time to break free of heavy restraints and do something about it. Travel is on the cards, whether you are jetting off this month, or taking some time to plan a big trip.  

A weekend getaway is fine but you get a Sauce nod of approval if your trip requires a passport and travel insurance. If this seems like a big leap for you, don’t forget the incidental bonus; your productivity will soar- it’s the time to get inspired and recharge after a slow year- so don’t miss a good opportunity. A full moon of December 22 - a great time to spend with family.


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 You’re genetically coded to be a saver, and feel most comfortable when you’re regularly putting some dollars away as a nest egg. Loosen your joints up a bit Taurus; because an unexpected injection of money could pad your bank account and leave some left over for a bit of fun! Your unpredicted moolah could come in many forms – be it a bonus at work, a scholarship, prize or pay rise!  

Your social life is looking good this month too - be open to new acquaintances, and meeting with old friends – tending to relationships is just as fruitful as putting in the miles at work or the gym! Mercury and Jupiter will be beautifully oriented in conjunction on December 21 - bask it all the peace and joy.


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This month, take a keen look at your relationships – whether they are social, business or even romantic. Bonds and connections are going to be strengthened this month. If you have been dating seriously, this could be the time of year to think about taking the next steps in your relationship: whatever form that presents itself to you and your partner.

On a lighter note, your professional life is about to show breathtaking growth and success! You deserve every last smidge of the recognition and professional admiration you are about to receive, so bask in it – it’s well earned! The last few days of December are your best time to shine.



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 Romantic relations may come under strain this month, and it’s not the time to be rash (even under the guise of spontaneity). You have been spending a big chunk of time assessing who you need to devote time to in your life – and going through a rough patch in a partnership may be setting you on edge.   

It is A-OK to delay any big decision making for the new year, take the pressure of yourself for now and have a moment of repose. In any case, you will be busy at work and won’t find a shortage of new projects to occupy yourself with – you may need help to manage the overflow by seeking help, so don’t suffer the burden alone.

The evening of December 31, New Year’s Eve, has the transiting moon in Scorpio - possibly an opportunity to meet the love of your life?


love actually

December brings a flurry of social activity- be it the office Christmas party, a night out, or even just a good old barbeque with friends. Things may seem peachy for now but you may notice a disconnect between the pace ramping up in your social life and the cost to keep up with it. The holiday season is full of hidden costs – Christmas presents, travel costs, food etc, and Leo’s will be spending more than most!  

Despite this small blip – Leos have a lot to be grateful for this season. Be creative and experiment with new ideas, you will find your intended audience more than receptive!



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If you have felt like getting through this year has been a Sisyphean task- you’re not alone, but the impending sense that you have been making little-to-no progress is finally about to dissolve with a satisfying fizz!  

That is not to say you can hang up your gloves and call it a day- but the product of all your hard work will finally start to materialise in the way you have been hoping.

Best of all, this month brings with it a soul-nourishing balance in your home life. It may have been tough-going for a while on the home-front, and families can be difficult around Christmas, but Virgo’s will enjoy the season whether it be a quiet one in with your partner or a noisy circus with the whole herd! The full moon falls on December 22 — booming with friendship and hope.


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If you have been incubating an idea in the back of your head for a while now, it’s the time to finally think through the logistics of making it happen. Whether the project is as large scale as starting a new business, or writing a novel or smaller; like redecorating, writing a song or embarking on a new hobby – this is the time to set wheels in motion.  

You may be feeling a little seasick this busy season, with holiday obligations piling up and new projects on the go, but use this month to reinvent and renew – change is good, and there is no better time for your 2018 skin and emerge dewy and refreshed in time for the new year. For many, this will involve a change in living situation- this may mean renovating, or even moving, but proceed with urgency- there is no room for wishful thinking. 21st December is your 5 star day!



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This month is a real humdinger for Scorpios feeling strapped for cash! No one would say no to a bit of extra moolah when you have worked hard and earned it. December is the month that your hard work will pay dividends in the professional arena. You will see rewards in the form of a salary bump, or perhaps landing a new job or signing a lucrative client. You may catch an overlap between work and family- which can sting, especially around Christmas time. However, it is a good month for professional opportunity and reward so weigh up the pros and cons because it may be worth investing your time.

December 16th and 17th are going to be good days for you!




We are supremely jealous of Sagittarius babies this month. You seem to have hit a streak of lucky breaks. Not that you don’t deserve a little festive lovin’ after they year you’ve had! Consider areas that you really want to progress in and focus on them; love, family, social life or career- you may find that you can finally iron out those kinks that have been niggling at you for a while.

It’s the month for resolution and advancement – you may have been spinning endlessly on that hamster wheel, inevitably pondering whether there is any value in keeping up the momentum when you haven’t met with result or reward, but breakthroughs are on the horizon – so don’t give up too quickly. You may finally reach accords with a difficult client, or if you work in a scientific field you may actually achieve a notable breakthrough!

December 16 is a good day to make any home-related decisions. Your best day of the month for your career will be Friday, December 21. Maybe even the best day of 2018.


love actually

Now that 2018 is winding down, you can take the time to step back and self evaluate, don’t miss an opportunity to get in early and chart out where you want to head next year, you have the breathing room to meditate on this and formulate your plan. The time is ripe for you to pay heed to your intuition, it will set your course and bring much needed clarity to what has been a demanding and at time tumultuous period.  

You are also about to be blessed with a great deal of new energy, it’s the perfect to speed up and get twice as much done as you have been so far! On an even cheerier note, the professional setback or delay you have recently faced won’t be inhibiting you any longer and it’s all green lights from, here this month!

December 20, Uranus and the Sun will be in sync — expect some $$. December 21 is going to be a good day too.



love actually

This month is a ripper for parties, events and general social shenanigans for you- make sure to enjoy it, and say yes to going out, it will be a tiring month with lots to juggle and may be tempting to stay in, close the curtains and binge watch true crime but you will thank yourself for making the effort.  You might end up being busy with work/assignments right up until the end of the year so try and take care of your health with juggling the party season and your deadlines. You are entering a year filled with social activity, so you won’t miss much by planning a simple, quiet New Year’s celebration with the one you love or with close friends and family members who come over to your place. On this New Year’s Eve, make a toast to how lucky you are to have people around you who care so much about you.

Work wise - you are entering a very good year for your star sign. 2019 is going to be kind to you. A busy year, but a good one :-)



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Each year, December has a magical quality, especially as the spirit of the season takes hold. This month, you are likely to find December more dreamlike than any month in recent memory. If your career is important to you, this will be a month of enormous professional reward. The work you did over the past decade or more is now coming to a pinnacle.

You may be offered the opportunity to work on a project that is tailor made for you. It’s natural to have trepidations about starting something new at this point in the year but you have a reputation for imagination and artistry which should not be squandered- and you won’t regret saying yes!


“But for now, let me say,
without hope or agenda,
just because it's Christmas—
(and at Christmas you tell the truth)
to me, you are perfect”

Horoscope curated by Rachael Machado