Ellen Handley | Trainer & Director @ELLEfit

Ellen Handley | Trainer & Director @ELLEfit
Ellen Handley
Ellen Handley

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Sauce Muse, Ellen Handley on being a body positive influence

With Ellen not only will you get fitness training with her but also the bonus of receiving wellness advice and wardrobe tips (Ellen is also a wardrobe stylist). Here is a woman who's fitness advice we would happily follow no matter what bumpy trail it may lead us on. 

"Boxing, the gym, running, music; that is my religion. I don’t know how I lived before?! My life changed for the better when I went to my first boxing class. I had always been interested in the sport, the athleticism and the way they move alongside being tactical fascinates me. I remember the class well; I was nervous and wasn’t particularly fit then. One minute skipping rope seemed like an eternity but as soon as I put those gloves on I was hooked. I work out a minimum of 3x a week, I practice what I preach! Our bodies are designed to move, not tap tap away at a key board all day. Move it or loose it people! :D

Monday – Friday it’s gym attire for work. Very plain, but I do like to add my own flair with cool trainers and either a French braid or a big loose bun. Gold fob chain and earrings bring a bit of fashion glitz to the old gym!
When the weekend rolls round, I love to dress up! 
I’m a huge fan of vintage, especially the 1950’s era. I love to combine current trends with old pieces and always go for fabrics that stand out to me. I’m not a fan of throwaway fashion ie. Big chain stores that pump out mass produced clothes. Ethical reasons aside, we don’t need that much clothing!

Life is grand when my skin is clear! Which relates back to eating well, drinking plenty of water and sweating it out with exercise. I’ve had horrendous skin in the past, times when I’ve wanted to hibernate because I didn’t want to show my face. Really debilitating, hormones are a bitch! The more you fixate on something the worse it can get.

My routine these days is simple, seba med face wash, big tub of aquas cream both cheap as chips and a little makeup. I love makeup! I don’t plaster it on though; rather highlight the features ie. eyes, bit of cheek colour and a some eye brow pencil.

I let my hair dry naturally as often as I can. I used to flat with Marilyn Monroe (Morgie Lee Vintage Hairstylist), that amazing beauty taught me wonderful hair tips! For one, if I want more volume in my hair, pin curl it with bobbies and sleep in it.

I read a lot, biographies of those that I admire and also am a big fan of Tony Robbins. I surround myself with people that are also driven by their passion. Positive energy is contagious and the company I keep want to see me at my best and I feel the same way for them.

    Visualisation is huge, the more I see it in my mind the greater chance it has of actualising. I have a whiteboard/pin board that I put up my monthly goals on and take great satisfaction in ticking them off once reached.

Checking out of social media, calling my grandma, reading, and meditating. I will always turn to exercise first to get me out of a rut, but if I’m physically overworked with training and also training clients that isn’t always the answer. Setting my alarm for 10 minutes of meditation is the business! I focus on my breathing and try my best to chill the monkey mind haha. It’s not always easy but I try to work out what it is that is causing me the stress and taking a step back from the situation. I find that the 10 minutes of meditation goes fast and often find myself stretching during this time. When my alarm goes off I feel calm and instinctively know what to do. If all else fails, my friends are a phone call away and have my back. Gotta love that!"

Ellen Handley