Sauce Loves | Ever Bloom by Shiseido

Sauce Loves  | Ever Bloom by Shiseido

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The latest fragrance from Shiseido is a soft, peachy dream of a scent. 

Shiseido has described it as more of a floral perfume based on the camellia. The cosmetics house states in its perfume blurb that this flower is the ‘perfect allegory of a woman’ and it represents ‘modesty and immense power’.

Cool. Who wouldn’t want to be the perfect woman? The temptation here is to start discussing the Madonna / whore complex when considering women must be both modest and powerful at the same time - but I digress.

The point is when it comes to a holy grail scent, many women do just want to smell like the perfect woman. And the peach is often thought of as the ultimate sexy smells when it comes to the fairer sex. Sweet and yet ripe, it is the ultimate combination of innocence and experience. And no scent does this better than Guerlain’s Mitsouko, which seems to be the inspiration behind Ever Bloom.

Ever Bloom starts off with ripe notes of peach and something flowery, which must be the camellia. Here is the innocence. The scent then darkens into something more juicy and the peach takes over. Unlike Mitsouko, it does not descend into full darkness and succulent peachy jam. Ever Bloom stays true to its name and keeps a certain lightness by allowing the flowers to weave through the perfume every now and then.

I have to say I really liked it the longer I wore it. This is a wearable scent that shows more skill than your average fruity floral currently choking the commercial perfume market. I can imagine a twenty something wearing this to the office and heads popping up over the monitors for a brief second as she wafts by.

All in all, there is something unbearably feminine about Ever Bloom. It’s for those days when you want to smell like a fragile flower and inspire manly protectiveness wherever you go.

- Helen Easson

Ever bloom, eau de parfum by Shisheido

Photography | Clara Pafundi



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