Your Saucy February Horoscope Is Here Lovers!

Your Saucy February Horoscope Is Here Lovers!

A week in and February has already brought us the kind of temperatures that should be legally limited to saunas and ovens. In this kind of heat, it’s easy to let the days melt together and pay no heed to changes (cosmic or otherwise) around us, but for many of us, the start of a new month has brought us more harmony and luck. Wave the bad vibes today Saucettes, Feb is here like your favourite glamourous aunt – and she bought presents!


It’s fair to say that January was a mental slog for you Aries, it may have seemed like there was no end to the patience-testing events and issues that kept cropping up– but perk up, the planets are feeling kinder and far less demanding than last month.

You seem to have an unusually strong concentration of social interactions this month (you social butterfly!). It may be a good time to join a club – be it social or professional – or perhaps sign up for a conference, seminar or trade show to progress your career/ business. It’s not a bad time to channel this social aspect into some altruistic work either, if you have the time to spare it could be good to look into some volunteering. It could be that you are able to use your skills to help run a charity event or even just donate to a cause close to your heart.

If you have been working on a professional project, have patience, the finish line is almost here and it will be a success!


Feb has got a sweet spot for Taurus signs with career opportunities in the early half of the month, it is up to you to take to the leap and establish yourself further in your industry- but the planets are behind you.
The caveat is that you must be open to a position with more responsibility and power- once you accept, it wont be a garden of roses – you will need to work hard.

There is a sense of movement or evolution for Taurus this month- if you’ve been contemplating moving to a new city or finding a new living situation, there will not be a more favourable time this year to set these wheels in motion.


The strong emphasis on finances that never seemed far from your mind in January is lifting/ You can shrug of the burden of watching your wallet with hawker gaze, and feeling crushing guilt every time you had take-out instead of cooking.

The bulk of this month will be lighter and less demanding, you have a chance to settle into a routine, and even though it may seem predictable and boring on the surface, allowing yourself space to enjoy the rhythm is probably more beneficial than disrupting it with constant plans. The end of the month may see you go into a period of solitude or temporary hibernation- a work project may require you to switch off and devote more mental real estate.


January ma have felt heavy and immobile – you may have been frustrated by a difficult situation involving you romantic partner or faced unnecessary competition, be it social or professional that exhausted you, but February is the new start that you have been craving.

Rinse out the heavy sense of trepidation that loomed in January – its looking bright for you. It looks like your set to receive some sort of financial assistance in the form of a bonus, commission, insurance payout, small prize, or settlement of a dispute.

If you work in sales, oil the machine, putting your head down this month and focussing on targets could pave the way for high income all month.
In romantic news: your love life is in a smooth patch right now- but don’t have lofty expectation of V-day- your partner may get some disheartening news and you may need to exercise the patience muscle.


Oh Leo! It looks like sighing in exasperation became a habitually used form of expression for you in January. Time to liven up your repertoire Leos, where January was a succession of roadblocks and closed doors, February is the jump start you needed to send you roaring off into 2019 and beyond.

February is a great time to examine your relationship- there will be a lovely run of days that you get to spend with your S-O, so enjoy this time, and don’t let external worrier mar it with latent anxiety and stress. You may find is hard to compartmentalize, but it will a worthy use of energy to savour the time you have together so that when both of you have to get back into a designated routine, the transition will be smooth and there will be nothing left unresolved.

Feb is one of the best periods to move ahead assertively in your career or profession- so don’t waste an opportunity because you’re too scared to speak up and lean-in. You will thank yourself for taking the leap later.


We see you Virgo babies, last month was mentally and physically taxing- you had to make important decisions have difficult conversations and answer weighty questions. February may be short but will certainly bring a lighter tone- you don’t need to settle entirely into cruise control per se- but it can really help to recharge and do some things for yourself.

February may also be quite lucky for you- if you’re looking for a new apartment or house – keep your phone handy because you may just find a space that suits you perfectly.

This month has a sense of fluidity and ease for you – things look to click into place with less effort than it took earlier- you may be used to plans falling through or people you relied on not taking up the mantle, but don’t spend the month treading carefully and making constant contingency plans, your luck really is about to change.


February is going to be a good month for getting to know someone knew- or getting to know you partner better.
It may be that you meet someone that ticks the boxes – if you’re already attached, you and your partner finally have some time to devote to one another. Give your calendar a good once-over: if you have coinciding gaps it could be a sign that you need to spend some time investing in each other. Plan a trip or outing: maybe a fancy dinner or a weekend away if possible. Maximising this time together will pay dividends later when you will really need your partner to pull through for you during a busy or stressful period.

This month, artistic expression is reaching a crescendo- if you have been meaning to do something creative, perhaps a mini project – then don’t put it off! It will be cathartic to work with your hands and create something.

The end of the month brings with it a necessity for rest and solitude- although you may be enjoying your social schedule this month, beg off some engagements and allow time for a more leisurely pace- you’re not wasting the summer – you’re recharging!


You are on the threshold of one of the best months of your year! Possibilities really are endless this month, and it’s worth preparing for opportunities – maybe polish off your CV; clean your house or de-clutter your office desk- small things will make it easy to slide into beneficial changes.

Finances are looking sweet this month - you may be buying or selling property, receiving a cash gift or getting the loan you need. Whatever it is, you don’t need to let it simmer in the back of your mind, it will work out without a hitch.

A social event is coming up that you have been looking forward to – it will be all that you were hoping for- so enjoy the night and leave any nagging doubts or self-esteem somewhere else. You are going to shine.


This month is going to be a foundational stone in the year to come, things you create, opportunities you grasp and decisions you make this month are going to have repercussions- positive and negative long into the rest of the year.

A lucky break is about to come this month, but make sure to savour the sweet spots this months, because you will be busy. Small work tasks, like paperwork, unnecessary emails and meetings are going to seem mundane to you this month. You have already figured out how to streamline your time and be at your most efficient, so any add-ons appear superfluous. However, persevere and you will be rewarded. On an important professional note: don’t wait for people at work to ask your opinion on an important matter, if you have

something to say, reach out- give advice, you may save your team, colleagues or even boss from overstepping and making a mistake, you will be appreciated!


It’s time to stop bitching to your friends/partner/parents about how undervalued you are at work. It may be fun to detail the various woes of workplace bureaucracy and absurd inefficiency but your energy is far better channelled into expressing your own worth. This month will bring positive aspects into your life, gather up your courage, its time to ask for a raise, or pursue a promotion that you know you deserve. You will have support from the people in your workplace who know your value.

The second half of this month is going to light up your social calendar. It may be that you need to shuffle around commitments, but these events will bring important opportunities to network. It will be easy for you to slip into the role at the centre of these gatherings, so there is no need to force an air of charisma, you radiate charm and people will be mesmerized anyway!


The new moon this month is like a cosmic lucky dip for the Aquarius sign – it will allow you to direct its positivity and good vibes into whatever aspect in your life that needs a real pep talk. It’s not often you get to direct your own fortune – so use this wisely, think about what areas you want to work on this month, be it your relationship, your social life, finances, work, travel or any other passion.

This means it’s time to draw up new goals- you will have the best chance of seeing tangible progress if you start now. It also seems a sense of harmony and completion is on its way this month- if you have been engaged in a negotiation, it may be about to come to a happy and mutual close, or if you have had a protracted period of discord with family or a partner, you may find that the time is right to stitch things up and renew your relationships.


You were quite professionally busy over December, and January was no cake-walk for you either. Periods of solitude and behind-the-scenes work await you this month. Value this time to yourself, it may seem like you are coming to a screeching halt, but the peace and silence is truly a blessing in disguise. You may need to work alone on a creative or on a time- consuming professional project. There are no two ways about it, this work will monopolize your concentration – no matter how well you think you can manage your social life; for the sake of productivity you may need to focus your concentration on your task at hand and eschew those that will burn your time.

Words | Rachael Machado

Images | Brrch Floral