5 Things | January Favourite Podcast, Book, Skincare Product And A Cake (That's Right)

5 Things | January Favourite Podcast, Book, Skincare Product And A Cake (That's Right)


For many of us, January brings with it the unique misery of experiencing the blissful, and much awaited summer from the confines of the office/workplace. While you try soak up some residual vitamin D by angling your desk to the window, your friends are thoughtfully taking panorama Instagram stories of their family bach in the Coromandel. Don’t despair just yet, summer is far from over, and while you have the extra hours of daylight on your side- why not check out this months’ 5 things for your five senses below!


Smell: Tête-à-tête “The Graduate” Candle 


Novelty candles are one of the few frivolous luxuries that I would lose all fiscal sensibility around and drop a cool $99 dollars on. A candle that evokes the infamous seductress Mrs. Robinson? Move over vanilla and sandalwood, I am SOLD. Tête-à-tête’s “The Graduate” is so sensual, that just smelling it feels voyeuristic. The nylon-clad leg of Mrs Robinson is a cult-film symbol, and has even been immortalised by a catchy Simon and Garfunkel tune,

so it’s hardly a surprise that the brain (nose) behind Tête-à-tête was similarly enchanted. The candle evokes Mrs Robinson’s feistiness with clove and black pepper, and the dewy fresh-ness of recent graduate Benjamin Braddock with fern and tropical greens. While not easy to track down, a selection of Tête-à-tête candles (all inspired by moments in iconic films) are available at Isabel Harris.


Taste: Medovik Cake- Skazka Deli 

Image via Smitten Kitchen

Image via Smitten Kitchen

After a slew of sunken cakes and dry muffins, I have largely given up on attempting to bake anything that doesn’t come in a Betty Crocker box with instructions on the back. However, my craving for good cake has not declined correspondingly, and I have since embarked on an unofficial mission to map out the best desserts in the city. One of my all-time favourite finds is the Medovik at Skazka deli in Newmarket. It’s a multi-layered honey and walnut cake with some sort of heavenly sweetened sour cream in between each layer. There is no adequate way in the English language to describe the utter bliss that a single slice of this cake can bring.


See (read): Flights – Olga Tokarczuk 

Image Source unknown

Image Source unknown

Flights has been on my to-read list all year. The winner of the International Man-booker prize is less a novel and more a series of prosaic meditations on travelling. The unnamed narrator; an incessant wanderer, weaves the reader through a peculiar mix of both musings and fiction. A mini-essay on the psychology of travel is laid next to a tale of a drunken ferryman who goes rogue with a boatful of passengers. A book told in fragments may seem like a pretentious, intellectual slog, especially when our attention spans are becoming shorter than YouTube adverts, but this book is really blissful reading and well worth the commitment.


Touch: Aesop Protective facial lotion SPF25 


I am a sunscreen sceptic. It’s always bothered me that after a considered and deliberate morning skin care routine, I end up slapping on a layer of greasy sunscreen as an afterthought. The unfortunate side effect of this, is that I either saunter out into the sun, sticky and glistening, (not is a fresh, dewy way, but in a post 45-min cardio workout sweat-sheen way), or even worse: SPF-less altogether. I therefore consider it a major victory to have finally discovered an SPF that does not subvert the careful (and expensive) skincare process. Aesop’s protective facial lotion layers well with other moisturisers, doesn’t leave a white-cast or excessive sheen, chalky and has anti-oxidant protection. Added  bonus - it actually smells quite nice.


HEAR/PODCAST: Articles of Interest – 99% Invisible 

current favourite podcast

Described as a “podcast concept album about clothes” Articles of Interest covers a broad range of concepts that are all thematically linked to the concept of clothing and fashion. From the environmental impact of the textile industry to the lack of pockets on womenswear, this podcast curates all the things that slip under our radar everyday when buying and wearing clothing. Once you’ve skated through the regrettably short mini-series, created by the passionate Avery Trufelman, you would be well advised to check out some of the other superb content on 99% invisible – a show about “all the thought that goes into the things that we don’t think about”. 


Words | Rachael Machado

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