Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf - Love or loathe?

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf - Love or loathe?

The Review | Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Re-visiting The debut fragrance by Amsterdam based design duo Viktor & Rolf, created by perfumers Oliver Polge, Carlos Benaim and Domintille Bertier.

Flowerbomb descended from the bombastic perfumes of the 90s when suddenly gourmand scents were all the rage. The daughter of cult gourmand fragrance Angel by  Thierry Mugler (which is the Marmite of fragrance – I learnt from bitter experience this is a love or loathe), Flowerbomb is more feminine and subtle, like the breath of an angel. But make no mistake about it – this is a sweet candyfloss in a bottle. Anyone lacking a sweet tooth is going to want to hurl this scent through the closest window like the grenade it closely resembles.


What saves Flowerbomb from being another high street sugary confection (aimed at prepubescent girls who want to wear perfume but are too young to appreciate grown-up scents) is the sheer quality of this stuff.  It’s awesome and quite frankly, a bit of a man-magnet. I’ve seen men almost snap their necks to look after a woman on the street who was wafting along with faint clouds of Flowerbomb floating behind her.  

So, the ability to seduce aside, how does it really smell?

The sweet cupcake vanilla is carried with a sigh of jasmine. These white flowers temper the sweetness and save the perfume from descending into a generic cookie dough scent. Indeed, it evolves into a stunning scent redolent of the fun fair in summer. The jasmine flowers waft softly on the breeze, carrying the smell of sweet doughnuts and candyfloss to settle on sun-warmed skin with just a hint of salt from the heat of the day. At this stage of development, the scent loses some of its white flowers and the vanilla cupcakes threaten to break through the surface again. But just when you think you’ve overdosed on sugar, the rose makes itself known, offering an almost bitter edge to the scent. 

Overall, this is a cleverly crafted perfume for women who want to indulge the sweet tooth of their childhood, but have no intention of wearing a cheap high street scent. 

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb EDP is available in New Zealand for the following prices: 30ml for $138.00,  50ml for $179.00 and 100ml for $225.00.

Review | Helen Easson
Photograph | Wono Kim