Fresh Hair | Sexy Textured Volume Just Got Real

Fresh Hair | Sexy Textured Volume Just Got Real

Let's get messed up

A few months ago, I decided to get bangs and then more recently a ‘lob’—two reasonably high maintenance hairstyles (if anyone ever tells you a lob is easy, they’re lying) paired with a fairly intense preoccupation of wanting every strand of hair perfectly in place at all times. Throw in the humidity of an Auckland autumn and you’ve got yourself a recipe for the ultimate daily showdown between my hair and me.

 As a result, I’ve amassed quite the arsenal of products that help me win the said showdown each day (okay, most days), but I’ve never been able to master completely that “fresh outta the salon” look that burns a hole in my wallet far too regularly.

Oribe by Clara Pafundi

 When it was recommended to me to try Oribe (pronounced Or-bay) Dry Texturising Spray, I was almost sold on the spot just by the name, and after a quick spot of research, I knew I had to get my hands on it. A multipurpose invisible dry spray that builds volume, adds texture and absorbs oil at the roots using patented polymers? Um hi, where have you been all my life?

This stuff is actual magic. Hair-changing magic. After running the GHD through my hair to create soft curls, I used the Oribe spray near my roots for lift (with the assistance of some back-combing) and then scrunched it through the ends for texture and bounce.

Everything that was promised was delivered, and within a few minutes, I had just-styled fresh hair without even having to leave my house. You only need to use a minimal amount of spray to achieve the desired results and there is also no leftover powdery white residue or grit—a nice change from the more generic brands of dry shampoo I frequently use. My curls sat perfectly and as a bonus, the Oribe signature scent even left my hair smelling like I’d just stepped out of the salon.

Well, yes. One can cost me a quarter of my weekly mortgage payments. I probably won’t use it to negotiate with my hair between washes during the workweek (Batiste, your place on my bathroom bench is safe for now), but keep it for the weekends when I want to look glam with minimal effort.

I got mine (8.5 fl. oz. full size) from Ryder Britomart for $69.
It’s also available from Stephen Marr and D&M Hair Design.

Product Photography | Clara Pafundi
Review | Sophie Crisp


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