How To Set Up Realistic Goals In 2019 [Without Setting Yourself Up For Failure]

How To Set Up Realistic Goals In 2019 [Without Setting Yourself Up For Failure]

New Year Resolutions, Goal Planning And Better Time Management Tips

The New Year normally freaks me out. There is an air of eeriness every time the countdown to the New Year starts to tick. But overall, I feel O.K. I feel resolute with my stable home-life and purposeful with where my career is headed, but at the same time, it’s like a blinked-and-the-year-is-over feeling.

However, I do not have any grand New Year’s resolutions this year.

So instead of sharing my New Year’s resolutions, I decided to share some little life changes.

Replace: Spend less time online (mostly Instagram)
With: Read more

It’s probably the easiest way to cut out all the noise and focus on what’s around me. I am going to try and take a book with me to a park when I walk my dog, so we can both sit down and just relax in the sun together after a walk. And if I can’t read, an audiobook on high rotation is just as rewarding. By focusing my energy on something that is mentally stimulating hopefully it will stop me from getting bored and going down the Instagram hole.

Replace: Exercise more

With: Feel the earth and grass on my feet, ocean in my soul

Connecting yourself to the earth and ocean is probably the easiest way to ground yourself and let it recharge you in the most magical way.

Replace: Utilise my time better

With: Take a pause before committing to anything

Julie Morgenstern, a productivity and time management expert, shared in an article with NY Times— Don’t automatically say yes, no matter who is asking. Even if it’s your boss, ask yourself: “How I can fit that in?” If, after calculating how long the task will take, considering what else you were going to do in that time against what you could take off your plate, you’re still in need of relief, Ms. Morgenstern suggests going back to your boss and saying, “I could do this, but I’d then have to postpone that. Which way do you want me to go?”

Replace: Learn a new skill

With: Turn off all notifications for a couple of hours (flight mode on!)

I’ve done this before and honestly, it’s one of the best ways for me to deal with my temporary anxiety and hyper-ness. The constant communication via your phone is exhausting and it’s so easy for me to lose focus. By doing this twice a week, hopefully, I will have more time to learn a new skill, such as video editing or perfecting Anne-Sophie Pic John Dory with Cucumber Purée.

We have to stop living in a world of immediacy. Things can wait.

Replace: I'm going to save more money

With: I am going to shop with a long-term objective

Do I see myself using/wearing this after two years? If my answer is yes, then it’s totally worth it. By avoiding unnecessary binge purchases, I will be able to save more. It’s simple! It’s all the little things that add up. Also, i’ve set up a very small auto direct debit into my savings accounts so just like a phone bill, it’s something I can commit to without setting myself up for failure. A little can go a long way?

Replace: Manage stress better
With: End every day by planning for tomorrow, plus two more days

In an article in NY Time, Ms. Morgenstern recommends looking ahead. She says that doing so allows you to see in advance if you planned your calendar for the next few days well. In her words, “sort of figuring out the puzzle.”

 Hope you are having a wonderful start to 2019


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