Guerlain’s L’essential Natural Glow Foundation might just have it all

Guerlain’s L’essential Natural Glow Foundation might just have it all

Can a foundation have naturalness and hit performance? Guerlain’s L’essential Natural Glow Foundation might just have it all…


Let's start with the ingredients, the Guerlain L’essential Foundation contains 97% naturally derived ingredients—yep, you heard right. With extracts from red and tara algae gums, these beauty protecting ingredients let the skin breathe and protect it from pollution, while the white cocoa bean extract, probiotic and prebiotic derivatives maintain the skins natural balance by strengthening the cutaneous barrier and boosting hydration. The other 3% ingredients have been carefully chosen to guarantee the longevity and wear of the foundation. It has SPF 20+ protection. The brand also claims the foundation can last for up-to 16 hours.

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So, obviously, I absolutely had to try this product out for myself.

I really struggle to find a foundation that doesn’t upset my acne prone skin, that lasts all day without making my skin dry and patchy and looking caked on, one that gives me a luminous glow, covers up my residual acne pigmentation AND lets my natural skin shine through...Seems too much to ask? I thought so too, that was until I tried this foundation. 

You know that the gals here at Sauce wouldn’t rant and rave about a product that we 100% didn’t back. But I can honestly tell you that this is the foundation that is missing on your beauty shelf! I tried it after first applying the Guerlain Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil, followed by the Abeille Royale Day Cream and finished with the Guerlain L’Or Radiance Concentrate with pure gold as a base, three more of Guerlain's products you must try for yourself. I then popped three pumps onto the back of my hand for a medium coverage and used the brush to apply the foundation. Let me tell you that I am not usually a fan of makeup brushes, I find they waste a lot of product and can look a little patchy, but hey—I’m no makeup artist so I usually just use my hand *gasp* for an even application… But I love this brush! It glides the product on with ease, no streaks or patches and it doesn’t seem to absorb too much product into its bristles, tick, tick and tick.


At first, the foundation appeared to be a little darker than my skin tone, I wondered if I had been colour matched wrong or maybe the product was oxidising, but after a few minutes, it seemed to set into my skin and matched my skin tone almost perfectly. Yes! I then used the brush to dab a little more product onto my problem areas and finished off the rest of my makeup routine and headed out the door. The foundation left my skin with a luminous satin finish that gave me enough coverage but still let my natural skin shine through and it didn’t feel heavy or sticky or drying, it truly is such a luxe formula. Fast forward eight or so hours later when I returned home and to my amazement, my face was still intact as if I had only just applied the product to my skin. Hallelujah!

And let’s talk about the bottle for a minute because I think we can all agree that having a chic looking bottle for your makeup shelf is an added bonus! This little gem was designed by French artist Mathieu Lehanneur with the bottle symbolising the balance between two seemingly contradictory elements—An essential balancing act. With the revolutionary retractable makeup brush to blend your product on seamlessly, these two are the ultimate dynamic duo.

So our Saucy Saucettes, this is the gospel according to Nina and I can hand on my heart say that there is no turning back now, I am well and truly converted to this saint of a product and I urge you to try it out for yourself, you will not be disappointed. xx

available at smith & caughey’s for $102

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photography | wono kim



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