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7 Ways to Psyche Yourself Up for The Holidays

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7 Ways to Psyche Yourself Up for The Holidays

We’re waging a war on Christmas, and it’s not at all what you think

There’s an undeniable sense of excitement that comes with Christmas, but sometimes getting caught up in all the Holiday craziness and, well life in general can get in the way of it.  Which is why this year, we’ve decided enough is enough! Gone are the days of taking Michael Bublé records for granted, or only pretend-watching Home Alone when we’re really sending a work e-mail.

We are putting our phones down and tuning it on this season! Here's a little fail proof list to make sure you maximise this special time of the year.


1. Play Christmas tunes AND DANCE around 

christmas 3.gif

If you’re feeling a little out of touch this holiday, or even if you just need a quick pick me up, put on some 90’s Mariah Carey. Trust me, you’ll be singing and dancing to the holiday tune in no time. 

If you're in the market for some serious feel good dance playlist, our Saucy Christmas Playlist is here to save the day! Created especially for you. You. Are. Welcome. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. 


2.  Decorate your house to fit the festive mood

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This one is a no-brainer. Decorating your house for the holidays is one of the most effective ways to get you in the mood for all the upcoming festivities. Sure, lugging around a Christmas tree and trying to find a place for it in your living room isn’t the most attractive idea, but here’s the thing, who says Christmas trees are the only way to inject the Yuletide vibe in your interiors?

Don't want to get a Christmas tree? No judgement, what-so-ever.  We recommend : Jo Malone London's Christmas Miniature Candle Set to you up for all the holiday season glory without much effort.

When it comes to Christmas, Jo Malone London always knows what's up!


3.   Stop stressing out about what gifts to give people this Christmas

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There’s no better way of ruining your holiday mood than running around trying to find the “perfect” gift for the ones you love. Let me say this: If you’re stressing out about gifting this season so much that you genuinely start to hate it, you’re doing it wrong. Also, if you need a little jolt of inspiration you can check out a few of Our Gift Guides  here and here.


4. Bake Christmas cookies

love actually christmas

Imagine this: you wake up on a sunny Monday morning and walk to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, when the scent of toasted butter and vanilla fills the air! 

Christmas cookies are a staple this Holidays and is a fun way to get some inspiration going. It’s also a wonderful way to bond with your family. And if you get carried away with the baking, they can always double as last-minute gifts!

Best cookie recipes on the internet right now -- Nutella-Stuffed Brown Butter + Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies and Ginger Bread Men Recipe. Again, you are welcome.


5.  Start rocking the holiday colours

christmas 12.gif

Lucky for us the verdict for this Spring’s beauty look are rich red and orange and deep hues of blue and magenta, fun and upbeat colours perfect for the Yule. For the fashion department, see how the Sauce team gets ready for the festive season, so many outfit ideas right here!

The Holidays is all about celebration and being festive, so don’t hold back on any bold accessories or unconventional pieces on your wardrobe. It’s the perfect time to show them off!


6. Write a list of all the non-material gifts you’ve received from the people around you.

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This could be a lesson, an advice, or even something a person said in a conversation that really made your day, and read it to yourself every morning until Christmas. As you go on to do this, you can start adding more people, or even more gifts. This is a great reminder to always be grateful for the people who’ve made our lives just a tad bit better this year.

With the new year so close, the holidays is the perfect time to reflect on and appreciate the people around us, and also to remind ourselves that the best gifts we receive are often abstract.


7.  Spend time with your loved ones

christmas 4.gif

If you’re anything like us, you know what it’s like to be away from family for majority of the year. So, Christmas is a very special time where most of us get to go back home and spend the holidays with the people we've been missing all-year round.I think the Holidays, more than the superficial things, is about love and togetherness. Feel good Christmas movies are always a hit with the grandparents, kids and so on. Here is a really good movie list on the internet right now


The Sauce team is quite a workaholic crew, so this piece is something that hits close to home for most of us. We’re counting down the days, and we hope that like us you’re psyched and your phone is nowhere near you. Happy Holidays!

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Opening Image | Cass Bird
Words  | Jameela-Jouf Gatanela
Editing | Zeenat Wilkinson