5 Top Tips For Caring For Your Hair During Travel Season

5 Top Tips For Caring For Your Hair During Travel Season

5 top tips for caring for your hair during travel season

by industry insider and hair stylist Ruth Irwin


We all love going on a winter getaway and quite often the camera or selfie stick is right there, by our side to document our adventures. When sifting through the holiday pics deciding what to post what’s the number one cause to pause? Our cringeworthy holiday hair! Here’s my top 5 industry insider top tips to stop that from happening.


1.     Do a scalp scrub before you leave. 
If shampoo is like a facial cleanser then a scalp scrub is like an exfoliator. By exfoliating your scalp you remove all build up of product, shampoo and conditioner leaving your scalp deeply cleansed and will last longer than a normal shampoo. A deeper clean will remove the grimy film and dirt.
You can pop into a salon and request for a scalp scrub (followed by a good ol blow out) or use Frank Body hair scrub - made with natural ingredients like coffee and rosemary.

2.     Take your own shampoo, conditioner AND pillow case.
Yes, pillow case too. Don’t leave it up to chance by risking using whatever the hotel has provided. You are better off sticking to the products your haircare professional has recommended for you. You can buy empty travel size bottles from pharmacies or storage box and refill from your bottles at home. Alternatively, vanilla essence bottles are the perfect size if you have any at home you can rinse out and fill with shampoo. A silk pillowcase is designed to maintain the condition and structure of your card for hair and skin. By taking your own with you, you can guarantee you will be laying your head down on a luxury surface!


3.     Be adaptable.
The ph and level of chlorine etc. in water varies from country to country and region to region. If you wash your hair once and it turns into a frizzy, hot mess then try to leave as long as possible between washes. If, after one wash, it turns into the silky locks of your dreams take advantage and wash as often as possible.


4.     Have a go-to holiday style.
For longer hair ask your haircare professional to help you master the messy bun. For shorter hair you can sleep in a set pattern of braids or twists to give you that holiday beach hair texture and volume.


5.     If all else fails become a master of disguise.
Silk scarves, scrunchies, head bands and decorative bobby pins hide multitude of hair sins.  Carefully placed they can turn your hot mess into a chic look. And of course, nothing screams luxury holiday like a seaside pic featuring a large floppy sun hat.



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