Your Saucy January Horoscope Is Here

Your Saucy January Horoscope Is Here


Every NYE I have grand expectations that when the clock ticks over into midnight, I will emerge, dewy and blinking like a baby deer into the new year, equipped with a fresh cache of willpower and ready to achieve all the goals. Alas, like many of you, I stumbled head first into January, mildly dizzy and feeling very short-changed that I wasn’t awarded an immediate cosmic glow-up just for surviving 2018. Don’t lose heart, January isn’t over yet and boy do the planets have some surprises in store for us this month.

Saddle up, your January horoscope is here!


Feeling stagnant in your professional life can be harsh, especially when it seems like the people around you are making progress in leaps and bounds. Perhaps your work has been going unnoticed and it’s left you feeling a bit invisible. Don’t let that ruin January for you, the environment in your workplace is about to go through a change, and you have the opportunity to utilize this fluidity. You career will definitely not be static this month, so leverage the flurry of change around you and you wont be disappointed.


Unlike some of us, Taurus babies are kicking around January like they own the place. It’s a good month for you, things are just clicking into place in an important aspect of your life, and you deserve to take the breathing space to enjoy it! Adventure may be on the cards for you too, perhaps a dash of spontaneous travel (lucky- you!). With Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and the new moon solar eclipse all chilling out in your ninth house, stimulating your mind through experiencing new cultures, cities, music and cuisines will be a highlight of your month.

You may also be thinking about your duties at home a bit more seriously this month. If you have been stressing about juggling the workload on the home front, while keeping up with professional obligations, it may be that the deadline is drawing nearer for you to really decide where you will focus your energy more deliberately.


Although Gemini’s are not considered particularly materialistic, it may feel like the new year has activated your Scrooge gene and you are consumed with money management. The presence of an eclipse hints that Geminis may come across a new source of income, but it’s up to you to find the area of gain and negotiate it wisely. Sometimes the universe will dangle the bait, but boy will she make you jump for it.

You are probably instinctually wary of this already, but be careful of borrowing more that you need this month, it may take longer than you anticipate to pay off.


The new year has a way of casting a new light on relationships – you are doing your best to work collaboratively with a partner (in love or business), but be conscious that they may not be receptive to being steered just yet. You don’t need to wrest control of the situation; it may be frustrating not to have the reigns just yet but a smidge of patience won’t be misplaced here.

Be on guard for news that may unnerve or discourage you, you may be focussed on money that you expect to receive – but doesn’t come through – or an expense that you will have to absorb may come out of the blue. Don’t let hindsight mock you once it has happened – be proactive and watch your bank and credit card statements, keep track of personal items likes glasses, keys, your wallet and so forth. It won’t feel like a thankless chore later!


If you’re wallowing over a certain relationship (at home or at work) that feels a bit stiff and cagey – maybe a co-worker or boss was critical of your work and threw you off course. Don’t let a personal opinion weigh on you, it isn’t productive and it’s excess baggage you don’t need! Besides, you were already caught off guard by how quickly the holidays ended and when you head back to work, things will be bubbling up quickly. You don’t have the time or brain matter to dedicate to a criticism anymore. You may start feeling overwhelmed by the sheer bulk of assignments and tasks that fall on your lap, it seems like everything requires detailed attention. Prioritise! You only have two hands, and the same amount of hours in the day as everyone else, so don’t get knotted up if you can’t do it all.


It’s not unusual that December sucked you in to a vortex of organising, planning and coordinating for your family. You may be surprised how quickly your holiday flew by and work commitments popped into view like fussy, un-fed toddlers who demand immediate and unwavering attention. If you’re feeling cheated out of R&R time, it may still come. Take advantage of a lull at work and pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read, or spare time for a hobby you have neglected.


The holiday season was equal parts busy and perhaps a little disappointing for you? It may feel like the gifts you put genuine thought and effort into went unappreciated, or the time you spent putting details into decorations or cooking went unnoticed. This is not the time to harbour latent bitterness, your effort was certainly valued, if not vocalised.

A lot of energy is gathering in relation to your home or residence. If you’re feeling cluttered at home, maybe take an afternoon to gather items to donate to a charity thrift shop, or go through your closet and re-organise. You are bursting with creativity this month so it may mean channelling this into a refresh or renovation. There is nothing like the feeling of a fresh living space to make you feel more motivated. If you need inspiration check out Marie Kondo’s “Tidying up” on Netflix for some cathartic home-cleaning.


January is going to be turbulent for Scorpios, you will need to be detail oriented to avoid letting things slip (irretrievably) into the cracks. Be deliberate and considered in all you do, say and write. Your contribution at work is values and needed, and communication will underwrite whether you will be successful this month. You aren’t a novice in being direct and clear, use your talents wisely.

January requires some pragmatism from you this month, you may be tempted to lead with your heart in decisions, but practicality and perhaps even keeping a check on your emotions will fare you well.


Whether it’s a new years’ resolution, or simply a goal you’ve been meaning to put some shoulder in to for the last few months, sorting out your finances is something you’re determined to attend to this month. As luck would have it, the universe is rooting for you on that front too. It may be that you feel the need to be less wasteful, and curb bad spending habits. Don’t give up too quickly, bad habits are slow change, but you have the ability and the cosmic support – so a few knocks here and there won’t mean you can’t accomplish it.


You, more than any other have entered the new year with a real and tangible change in circumstance. Perhaps you’re newly engaged (congrats!), started your own business or moved to another country or bought a new house – whatever it is, commitment has come knocking (Ok maybe it’s Saturn – but in a very clever disguise) and is asking you to give your life some greater stability.

Watch out for instances where you are tempted to over-reach or exert too much authority. Negotiation may need a softer touch from you this month or you may risk alienating the very people whose support you need.


Eclipses are known to bring up feelings and events that are occurring completely outside your field of vision. Whatever news comes up may require some uncomfortable adjustment in your life, but bear in mind it’s a hell of a lot better to be operating with facts rather than fiction, and you will be grateful that the news has come up now, in time for you to accommodate changes.

There may be a separation on the cards for you, romantic, business or even a friendship. It’s not a loss, and certainly not a vacuum that you need to set about filling straight away, shed that dead skin and get on with your month. Offset the time you would have spent on another person with a little self-care.


The social-butterfly in you is having a raucous old jaunt this month, with socialising taking up a solid portion of your time. Your good friends, contacts and even causal acquaintances will be centre of your progress nearly all of January, so it is certainly worth investing your time into people this month.

January may also bring some changes to your work environment – maybe you are moving headquarters, seeing the space upgraded or getting new equipment. Perhaps a client or co-worker is departing. You may be feeling a bit shocked – but pick your skirts up and keep hiking, you got the whole year ahead of you, and adapting early is an advantage.

Words | Rachael Machado

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