Sauce Style Diaries | 5 Outfits With JessB
Sauce Style Diaries | 5 Outfits With JessB

The Sauce Style Diaries | 5 Days, 5 Outfits with JessB

Flaunting her signature Hip Hop poster child style is Jess Bourke: the world knowing her as JessB, Auckland’s newest rapper on the scene. A mixture of menswear, unique thrift picks and the odd Dickies pant (or two!) summarises JessB’s merging style of confidence and streetwear. With an EP ‘Bloom,’ and several crowded venue gigs under her belt, she’s nominated for Breakthrough Artist and Best Hip Hop Artist at the 2018 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. She chatted with us on her top 5 workwear outfits down below.

Can you tell a little something about you and what you have been up-to lately?

Hi, my name is JessB.  I’m a Cancer sun with a Capricorn moon and a Taurus rising.

I just recently returned from a trip to the US and London (both for music related ventures and a well-needed break too!) which was amazing.

Hard to do in a nutshell – but can you tell us about your career so far, how did you get into what you do?

\I have always been really interested in music alongside everything else I was doing. It came into the forefront more after I started uploading demos to SoundCloud. I managed to get the opportunity to work with some amazing producers here in NZ as a result and I became more focused on the idea of music as a career. 

Outfit 1 | An entirely thrifted outfit. I like colour match-ups with a patterned shirt.

How do you define your personal style?

It’s all about colour and patterns and expressing who I am. I tend to wear a lot of op shop finds and thrifted clothes as I enjoy the luck of finding some really unique pieces. I also enjoy incorporating ‘menswear’ into my outfits. 

How do you choose what to wear for performing on stage?

It depends on where I am performing- but I’ll usually just go through mine (and my flatmate’s) wardrobes until I pair together something that I am happy with. It changes gig to gig so I haven’t really repeated an outfit yet! 

What genre of music has influenced your style?

Hiphop and rap

Outfit 2 | Love the mixing of the dickies pants with a feminine floral shirt- colour co-ordination is a favourite of mine.

Can you recommend us a good book, film and song

I'm currently reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X. A film? Moonlight. A favourite song would be Faith by ODIE.

Outfit 3 | I wanted to rock the K Road T-shirt: it’s somewhere I hang out pretty often! (Paired with a vintage cream bomber jacket, black Dickies and Converse)

Music icons?  

Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Da Brat, Lauryn Hill, Rihanna and Ladi6.

Outfit 4 | The Fenty x Puma bomber is such a cool statement piece that doesn’t need much else to go with it. 

Outfit 5| I’m really into co-ordinate pieces, and this is one of many that I own. It’s actually a men's PJ set!

Thank you JessB!


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Photography, Interview & Write-up | Aasha-Samara Nimo