Jo Malone London's New Collection Is A Breath Of Fresh Air! Quite Literally

Jo Malone London's New Collection Is A Breath Of Fresh Air! Quite Literally
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The new Jo Malone London collection is a breath of fresh air – quite literally it would seem.


I have to admit, I was a little dubious about any perfume that claims to be based on English Fields. Because really, who wants to smell like a field?

Me, it turns out.

I'm exploring more diverse scents at the moment and I really want to sample the world of niche scents. Exclusive perfumers such as By KilianAndy Tauer and Frederic Malle are all on my To Sniff list. Jo Malone is very much a niche scent that exploded into the commercial world - so where better to start than the upstart of the major perfume houses?

The range comprises of five new scents, ranging from the clean smelling Green Wheat and Meadowsweet to the flirtatious Honey and Crocus. I could imagine a pair of young lovers wearing these, apple cheeked and walking hand in hand to have an illicit tumble in the hay barn.

Poppy and Barley appears to be the hero product in this new line up. When I first smelt it, it had a slightly fizzy, almost menthol vibe. Then a beautiful white musk drifts in and I was hooked. Give it a few minutes and it becomes a lovely scent that the lady of the manor would wear while wandering her wild flower garden.

An honourable mention also has to go to Oat and Cornflower, which is one for the gourmand fans out there. It really does smell like sun-warmed skin crossed with butter popcorn. I suspect they were going for porridge, but once you think popcorn, it’s tricky to smell anything else. If that sounds like an odd combination, it is, but in the best possible way. Yummy. This would be a delicious surprise on anyone’s neck. I say neck because don’t expect a perfume cloud to be following you. Like many of Jo Malone’s perfumes, they wear close to the skin.

Jo Malone excels at creating perfumes that are hugely evocative of the UK. These scents brought me straight back to my own childhood village, made up of corn fields, cobbles streets and endless summers.

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Jo Malone London's Limited Edition English Fields Collection is now available in stores and online here

Product photography | Wono Kim
Words | Helen Easson


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