What is an essence? And why we love it!

What is an essence? And why we love it!

there is skincare routine, and then there is "korean" skincare routine...

Sephora’s trending banners introducing ‘K-Beauty Skin Care’ and ‘get the coveted dewy look’ reiterate the fact that Korean beauty goals are venerated by one and all. The launch of Korean skincare products in the western hemisphere ensures that longing for that porcelain-like skin is no longer just a dream. Tracking the latest obsession, let’s give you an essence of the Korean beauty regimen, quite literally! 

Essence is (now) a must-have product in your beauty coffer. For those wondering what essence is, it is the core of Korean beauty routine and is described as something that straddles between a toner and moisturiser. Quite easy to be perceived as either, essence is a concentrated form of water, which delivers the ultimate hydration and required nutrients deep into your skin. 

Composed of natural ingredients, it leaves little room for irritable skin and makes it a considerably safe product to be used. Nonetheless, it is best to select the product according to your skin type and double check the ingredients if you have any pre-existing condition such as acne or allergies.

Essence should be typically used after cleansing and toning in order to treat the dehydrated skin on a cellular level.

Apart from hydration, it works best on wrinkles, fine lines, and dull spots and balances the pH level of your skin by restoring its natural oils. Its food-for-skin-like properties work wonders on the skin, and hence, makes it worth sharing with our Saucettes. 



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Words | Akanksha Mehra
Cover Image and Photography | Wono Kim
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