The Review | Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate

The Review | Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate
kiehls daily reviving concentrate

Review | Theresa Frankovich
Photography | Clara Pafundi

a blend of ginger roots, sunflower and tamanu oils

For our summer stories, I travelled to Croatia to shoot rising star and new model on the scene Dobrica. With her beautician, mentor and manager, Vanessa Tomasic, she is learning a lot about skincare, and we were lucky to learn a little something ourselves.

Mediterranean women have long known the value of great skin and the natural properties of oil. Mediterranean skin is light in tone yet has enough melanin to resist harmful UV rays and absorb some to gain that honeyed glow.

Vanessa’s kit contained newly-released Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate, which she urged both of us to try (a great opportunity to try a product on two different skin types on the age spectrum).

The climate is hot and dry through summer with stormy cold winters and winds, which rob the skin of essential moisture. Starting out in the modelling world comes with its own set of stress that can have negative effects on the skin.  A good maintenance strategy is essential.

Kiehl’s delivers a remedy specially designed to treat dry or mature skin (queue sigh of relief from me). This lightweight facial oil ensures that the skin looks radiant all day. It is neither greasy nor has a thick gel base like most serums.  It reinforces skin’s defences against the every day challenging conditions whilst maintaining luminosity. The fragrance is refreshing and gentle and evaporates after a few seconds.

There are so many great natural properties to Kiehl’s products. The ingredients are a powerful blend of antioxidant protection from naturally derived oils that include ginger root, sunflower and tamanu, keeping the skin looking fresh and energised from morning to night.

The dropper applicator is easy to use, allowing small droplets to be dispensed (unlike other applicators). So there is no product wastage.

After our shoot in the hot sun, we grabbed our towels and headed to the beach for a much-needed cool down in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic.

Après-swim, the salt clung to my skin, leaving it dry and in need of nourishment. After showering, and while my skin was still warm, I immediately applied the concentrate to my complexion for instant absorption. Queue music and flowing banner: Kiehl’s to the rescue; complete with mini cape!

Skin that's soft as a baby’s behind 8/10

- Theresa Frankovich