Lisa Crawley | Singer & Songwriter

Lisa Crawley | Singer & Songwriter

Lisa Crawley wears Willa & Mae & Zoe & Morgan Jewels.

Interview | Esha Chanda
Hair & Makeup | Verity Griffiths
Art Direction: Theresa Frankovich
Photography | Clara Pafundi
Styling | Zeenat Wilkinson




Songtress and sauce muse, Lisa Crawley 

For Melbourne-based, New Zealand-born Lisa Crawley, music is a way of life. At the tender age of two, a family friend spotted her ‘perfect pitch’. She started recorder lessons when she was four and since then, has never looked back.

In 2011, she released her first album Everything That I Have Seen, which was followed by All in My Head in 2013. In the same year, she packed her bags and headed to Melbourne.

Her music has taken her to places, including a recent trip to Los Angeles. “I was booked for multiple shows where I was the token Kiwi artist among hundreds of performances at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, which was a real highlight,” she says.

Although her passion lies in writing her own music, she has worked in various bands for other artists. She has three incredible EP’s and two albums to her credit. 

My best songs usually happen fast, but I’ve had others that have taken a few months to complete. I need to remind myself that for every great song there’s usually at least a few less inspiring ones that happen before them.

I enjoy op shopping, vintage clothes and ‘50s and ‘60s inspired outfits. My body type seems to suit clothes from the older eras, and I love music from that era too. At home, you will usually find me in odd slippers and my rip curl track pants I have had since I was 14.

I see a trainer once or twice a week mainly to fix a shoulder injury but also to get stronger. It definitely helps my brain, as I’ve struggled with anxiety a lot and try and do whatever I can to work on that. I just bought a bicycle for summer, which is perfect for the area I’m in in Melbourne. I also need to make sure I don’t do too many music ‘jobs’ rather than writing and expressing myself.

Don’t wait for opportunities to come around. Create them as much as possible.

"Every since I was little, I’ve been looking at the audition section in papers, writing and e-mailing people and doing plenty of jobs that weren’t my dream job to save up for recording and music videos.I’ve tried to find a tactful way of approaching people without being annoying. Take a genuine interest in others and work hard."

"Don’t underestimate what you can do for yourself. Be ambitious and remember that good things can take a long time."


Elizabeth is one of our favourite songs from Lisa's musical journey. (PS : You will be humming this track for the next two weeks!)