Reiki: The Japanese Holistic Healing Practice

Reiki: The Japanese Holistic Healing Practice

What exactly is Reiki? Today we discuss the benefits of Reiki as a self love tool with Energy Healer Olivia Scott


Olivia Scott os a Cookbook Author, Wellness Expert and ex business owner of The Raw Kitchen. After selling her business of 6 years, Olivia launched a holistic healing practice “LOVE. By Olivia” based in Ponsonby, Auckland. She works with clients one on one using ancient modality of Reiki therapy and her energetic gifts i.e. channelling and intuitive touch.

Reiki is known to help balance your energy, unblock low energy levels or rebalance out overworked adrenal glands. We have been intrigued for a while so we had to find out more about this holistic healing practice.

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.
— Audre Lorde. We 100% Agree.

SAUCE : What is Reiki and how does it fit within the energy healing space?

Olivia : Reiki is traditionally, a Japanese method of healing using the hands. It was created by Dr. Mikao Usui, who grew up in a Buddhist community and became a Monk, spending most of his time in a monastery. He spent his educated years in medicine, psychology and theology, and in 1865 founded Usui Reiki.

Usui realised the body had an energetic system, and that ailments could be healed by directing the universal source Reiki Energy through the hands and into the body. It works on not only a physical level, but also helps to heal mental and emotional ailments too.

Usui channelled these teachings after a stint of prolonged meditation and fasting. He used the Reiki Healing method and healed many people. He knew that these teachings must be handed down to further share this healing method throughout the world, so started training students. For students to also use this Reiki Energy to heal, students must undergo an ‘attunement’. The Reiki Energy is attuned at a specific frequency of source energy. Using ancient sanskrit symbols that were given to Usui during his channelling of this modality, the Reiki energy is released. The symbols have been passed down from teachers to students over the years, and are considered sacred to preserve this healing modality.

SAUCE : How does one benefit from energy release?

  • Sense of relief, release, peace and understanding

  • Deep relaxation and insight

  • Clear and release blocks, stagnant energy or imbalances

  • Clear and rebalance chakras

Reiki can be used for self healing too, as the hands may be laid upon the self. Reiki Masters (who have completed various levels of training) can also conduct Reiki via distance.

SAUCE : What can you expect during a session?

Olivia : Each Reiki session is different, and I find my regular clients love that they always get what they need each time. During the session, generally you will just feel relaxed, however as the Reiki works it’s magic, there might be old thoughts pop into your head, or you might go on a journey remembering old things, or solutions may arise to problems. Some of my clients fall asleep, and this is okay too. It doesn’t effect the Reiki. Your body and mind still receive all the benefits. 

Occasionally my clients sense passed loved ones coming into the session, or they sense the energy like warmth, electric volts or pulsing, or feel energy leaving the body. Sometimes the energy can become dense in areas, or lightness can occur. 

SAUCE : What to expect after a session?

Olivia : After a session you will generally feel at peace with where you are at. Sometimes if can feel as if a whole heap of old energy has been released, and you can feel light, ready to take on your life with a new outlook. You can feel tender, and like you want to ground with a walk along the beach. You usually feel very loved and supported, as if you have let out a good cry, or a chat with a loved one. You can also often feel like you need to rest, and feel tired. As the Reiki helps to unblock and release old energy, it is like a detoxification process, so treating yourself with extra love to assist this important.

SAUCE : How often can you get it done?

Clients always ask this after their session, and I say when they feel called to come back. I have Reiki every 4-6 weeks, but have clients who come every 2-3 weeks if they are needing the extra support. Sometimes it can be a great one-off session for when you need some redirection or clarity. 

In my Reiki practice I offer the additional service of ‘channelling’ which is when I receive messages from your guides during the session which can help with you along your path.

You can book Olivia for a healing session via
her website. Olivia hosts a podcast series called 'Modern Intuition' where she shares how modern day women can connect with their own deeper abilities to channel, manifest and create. Follow Olivia’s work on Instagram here.