A Scent That Actually Matches Your Lipstick

A Scent That Actually Matches Your Lipstick

M.A.C Cosmetics launches a fragrance line inspired by sic cult lipstick shades. 
So did your favourite shade make the cut?

M.A.C SHADESCENTS  $75 (NZ) available on counters from February, 2017
Words | Akanksha Mehra
Product Photography | Wono Kim for Saucemag.co.nz

M.A.C Cosmetics would be the Meryl Streep of Oscars (if there was one) in the realm of beauty. They are both cult, classic and timeless. I am sure it would be a constant winner in the ‘Best Lipstick’ category award.

We own at least one M.A.C lipstick and swear by it. Their lipsticks have such a loyal fan base (kudos to their bold colours, light texture and everlasting quality) and now, M.A.C has introduced more than one way to wear them.

Mind boggled much? I am sure!

With the launch of M.A.C’s SHADESCENT range of perfumes, you can match your favourite lipstick with a corresponding perfume range and wear it on your lips, neck and wrist. The range is inspired and named after 6 cult lipsticks from M.A.C Lady Danger, Ruby Woo, My Heroine, Candy Yum Yum, Velvet Teddy and Creme d'Nude.


Lady Danger : The scent is heavy on wild cherry making it extremely floral and feminine. The fragrance is inspired by the colour fiery red which defines sexy and powerful. Make a noticeable entrance with a burst of saffron, tangerine, orchids and jasmine.


Ruby Woo : Ruby woo is a woody floral scent which evokes richness. The fragrance is inspired by the legendary shade of Ruby Woo making a sultry impression on the very first instance. A lingering trail of sandalwood and mahogany wood leaves you wanting for more.

My Heroine (Our favourite) : This is an edgy scent reimagined through the complex flavours of smoke and leather, leaving an intoxicating and sinister impression. The smoky incense resonates with luscious tobacco giving an earthy feel to the fragrance. (If you are into masculine smelling fragrances, I would highly recommend this one.)

Candy Yum Yum: This Hot-pink coloured fragrance smells like—you guessed it—cotton candy. Electric fruits reside at the heart of it. Pink guava contrasted with delicate cherry blossom and sophisticated Moroccan iris make the scent irresistible and addictive.

Velvet Teddy: Is a warm, honey scent that resonates with its caramel colour.  Imagine the smell of silky smooth current of wild honey and creamy musk infused with spicy ginger zest is tempered with a rich and sensual tobacco flower. 


Creme d'Nude: Its nude colour has inspired a scent capturing the vibrancy and sexiness of a glowing skin which emits freshness of a sensual skin. The smell resonates with soft butter that blends pure ambrette seeds with vanilla bean. 

$75 for a bottle of high-quality fragrance. That lasts ALL DAY LONG ---- two thumbs up from us! 


-- Review by beauty writer, Akanksha Mehra

Akanksha (also known as Aku) is a digital advertiser who swears by Google clicks. She is currently trying out recipes from a new cook book by Curtis Stone and hopes to be on Come Dine With Me someday.