Two Makeup Looks To Cure Your Autumn Blues

Two Makeup Looks To Cure Your Autumn Blues

We’ve bid our goodbyes to earthy tones, and said hello to bold, and statement-making colours

It’s so easy to get stuck in a beauty “slump” -- the same eye-look every single day, paired with whichever of the two lipsticks you like to switch out. We get it. Luckily for you we have an insider tip that is sure to take your look to the next level this season. Fair warning:  bold colours ahead.

“Bold colours? For fall?” *audible gasp*

Before you run screaming for the hills (or scroll away, which is less dramatic and more likely to happen), we have credible source that bold colours are the 411. “This season’s trends are heading back to an eyeliner focus especially with the use of electric coloured products.” Global Senior Artist for M.A.C Cosmetics Kiekie Stanners shares.

“Think of an eyeliner as an accessory on the face, rather than a technique that’s designed to reshape the face at all.”

We think this is a fresh perspective on liner, and is such an easy way to incorporate colours into a look without going overboard.

mac makeup

Speaking of colours, the makeup mogul elaborates...

“It’s more a hit of colour, or a signature statement this season that is personalised and worn in. And no rules in terms of colour choices – brights and neons are being seen just as much as a smudgy black kohl but the application technique is looser – there are no hard lines this season but more of a diffused effect.”

You read it here first, perfectly straight and neat eyeliners are a no-go. So even if you’re technique for applying liner isn’t the best, you can try this look out and pull it off. As seen on the model, even a pop of colour in the inner corner or a smudged out red under the lash line is all you need to bring this look to life.

A little bit of blending, a little bit of smudging, and some bold colours—we’ll be sporting this look in no time.



Genuine Orange Chromagraphic Pencil with Red Brick Eyeshadow over the top

Marine Ultra Chromagraphic Pencil with Atlantic Blue Eyeshadow over the top to blend inner corners 



Landscape Green Chromagraphic Pencil with Lime Eyeshadow blended over the top

Hi Def Cyan Chromagraphic Pencil blended in inner corners


Photography | Olivia Hemus
Styling | Zeenat Wilkinson
Writeup | Jameela Jouf Gatanela
Model | Maddy Moosman from RED 11


Maddy wears Maggie Marilyn 
Jewels by Embr


All makeup using MAC Cosmetics by Kiekie Stanners

In partnership with MAC Cosmetics