Fragrance Journey with Michelle Halford of The Design Chaser

Fragrance Journey with Michelle Halford of The Design Chaser

At Sauce, we are fascinated by how personal the journey is in discovering the perfect signature fragrance and also the transformative nature of scent in general which can transport you back to a specific moment in time.  So we asked five inspiring New Zealand women to share their favourite memories with fragrance as well as what emotions the latest scent from Jo Malone London, Honeysuckle & Davana evokes for them personally.

Achieving creative success and fulfillment is a balancing act yet one Michelle does so well. Her talent for minimalism, combined with a experienced sense for fragrance- leads her to produce beautifully set-up designs that consistently maintain a relationship with candles and scents. Navigating the creative world from the house built by herself and her husband shared with her two sons, the interior stylist and globally recognised face behind The Design Chaser ties both fragrance and design together fittingly.

Scent is the most sensorial way to create a first impression, what is your favourite spot in the house to light a candle and create a mood?

During the day it's my office. I love being surrounded by beautiful fragrance while working. At night, the living area. I usually light two to three Jo Malone London candles to create a beautiful, cosy ambience.

Can you describe your design aesthetic

Warm minimalism. My approach to design and styling is pared back with clean lines, timeless elegance and textural elements.

Your favourite fragrance memory

For me, favourite fragrances are those that trigger memories associated with a mood or feeling. The salty smell of the sea takes me right back to when I was a child visiting my grandparents home at Little Manly beach. The mood, always happy and relaxed, is one that I still associate with beach holidays – a mix of salt, sand and the fragrance I'm wearing!

Do you have a fragrance/scent ritual?

Lighting my Jo Malone London candles in the evening. They not only smell divine, they look beautiful grouped together in different sizes. The Luxury candle is always a talking point with visitors!

jo malone london honeysuckle and davana

On fragrance combining, what’s your favourite combination with Jo Malone London’s Honeysuckle & Davana?

I love it blended with English Pear & Freesia Cologne. So zingy and fresh!

Colours that compliment Honeysuckle & Davana

Yellow and green immediately jump to mind, but also other brights – the cologne inspires me to wear a little more colour! At home I love being surrounded by a neutral palette and I feel that this provides a complimentary backdrop for the beautifully fresh and aromatic sent of the home candle.


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Michelle wears Kate Sylvester | Makeup by  @Bobbi Brown

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Thank you Michelle Halford