Runway Model Aneekee Reveals How She Looks After Her Skin During Fashion Week

Runway Model Aneekee Reveals How She Looks After Her Skin During Fashion Week

Runway Model Annekee Molenaar gives us all the saucy details on her skincare routine during fashion week


Acne, dryness, flare-ups, irritation... these are pretty common things to hear backstage during fashion week. Most models are running from shows to show, having their makeup done and taken off countless times each day. Not to mention the stress, food, long hours... it's pretty intense! So we asked our friend and model Annekee Molenaar to give us a little snapshot of her skincare routine when she is back in her bedroom. 

Ps : Make yourself a cuppa and read our girl Annekee's skincare diary and soak in her skincare skincare secrets from fashion week. Yes, you are welcome :-)


My alarm went off way too early this morning. First things first. I start my day by taking a cold shower to wake up. I haven’t slept that well, so I woke up with a puffy skin underneath my eyes. To get rid of this puffiness, I use Estée Lauder’s Stress Relief Eye Mask. You only have to leave the pads on for ten minutes, which makes the mask perfect for when you are in a hurry. After that, I spray on the Be Cool Mist Toner from Goodness. I use this instead of a moisturiser, since the make-up artists usually bring great moisturisers which go well with their make-up for the shows. I do put Eight Hour Crème Lip Balm on my lips and quickly curl my lashes.


Today was a very long day, so I don’t really feel like spending much time on my skin. To take off all the make-up, I use the cleanser from Bioderma. Even though the make-up artists offered me to get my make-up off right after the show, I prefer to do this myself. The wipes they often use make my skin red-ish. After taking a nice bath, I put on the Revitalizing Supreme mask by Estée Lauder which I leave on overnight. I either do this to calm my skin down after all the products, or I don’t put anything on my face at all. After washing the products out of my hair, I put some coconut oil into the ends of my hair when it is still wet.

During the day, I try to drink at least 1.5 liters of water. This can be hard backstage, so I try to keep a bottle in my bag at all times. Besides that, I take extra fish oil and Vitamin D as supplements for the conditions of both my hair, skin and nails. This is something I swear by. Since I have started taking this, my hair became thicker, my nails become stronger and my skin doesn’t get as dry as before.

Annekee Molenaar



Since I was exhausted by yesterday’s craziness, I slept really well. Hallelujah! It might sound like a cliché, but eight hours of sleep really is the key to looking fresh and glowy in the morning. That’s why I don’t need my pads this time. Instead, I use the Be Bright Chia Serum by Goodness. What I like about this beauty label is that they use natural products. This way, you know what you are putting your skin through. I spray Gisou’s Heat Protectant Spray into my hair to protect it from getting burnt by the hair blowers. Since I have been washing my hair daily now, I have lost most of the volume. By using the Blowout Spray by Living Proof, I can get some more texture into it. This product is great to use before a show, because it will fade as soon as you get a brush through your hair.



I finished early so not having enough time to spend on my beauty routine is not an excuse this time. After getting the make-up off my face and body, I decide to give my skin a good treatment. After three days, I notice that its condition is not as good as before. After the shower, I put the body oil from Nuxe all over my body. It calms my skin down. Right before I go to bed, I put Sisley’s body cream on the spots that still feel dry.

Annekee Molenaar



The treatment definitely worked. My skin has calmed down and doesn’t seem irritated anymore. After using the pads for my eyes, I spray on the toning spray and put on some lip balm. I do not drink coffee, so instead, I have a green tea with lemon. I think that’s why my eyes felt puffier this morning. I also have a green juice with lots of ginger, just because ginger is good for everything. It might not be tasty, but if you mix one piece of fruit into your juice as well, the ginger’s taste becomes bearable ;-)



As soon as I get home, I hop into the shower. Nothing feels as good as the moment you get rid of all the smug they put on you during the shows. After washing my hair, I put L’Oréal Total Repair Crème into the ends when it’s still wet. I do not put anything on my face, just to give my skin the rest it needs.

All images - courtesy of Annekee Molenaar (Clyne). Follow her on instagram here. ps : watch-out for her skincare stories!



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