Hair Musing | The Modern Mullet

Hair Musing | The Modern Mullet


tess angel

If you’re feeling the urge to take your hair into a more textural territory, you are not alone. The world seems to be experiencing a surge in “business in the front, and part in the back” haircut fever. But before you roll your eyes, it’s not the 80s mullet that we are talking about here. The new look is a lot more downtown using different lengths to create a more subtle effect. 

Still not convinced?
Sydney-based model of the moment Tess Angel skyrocketed to the coolest runway star and editorial muse after her cut. Her natural texture and colour obviously added to the halting effect. And everything else on top of that—face, personality, name…list goes on.
When Tess was bored with her look and long tresses, her first impulse was not to reach for the make-up but instead get a hair-over. “I was keen for a new haircut but wasn’t sure what I wanted”, she says. 
Renya Xydis at Valonz salon cut her hair, and now it’s her signature look.

Tess has a simple haircare routine and follows an almost laissez-faire approach to her beauty routine. “I don't have a specific product I use all the time. At the moment, I am using the Garnier Fructis shampoo.”

To keep the mullet cut from not getting stale and flat, (our in-house Saucette and hairstylist) Jessica Taylor suggests using a body building mousse from Kevin Murphy or Hair by Eleven to add texture before blow drying, followed by loose twists using an iron to add another layer of texture, finally Kevin Murphy DOO.OVER spray to add body to make it look sexy and make it last.

PS : Remember, the mullet isn’t just for the straight-haired crowd.

Photography | Mara Sommer
Model | Tess Angel Clyne Models & Priscillas
Styling | Zeenat Wilkinson & Shivan Gathum
Hair & Makeup | Jemima Kean

Tess Angel wears leather jacket and white shirt by designer Nicola Luey