5 In-House Saucettes Share Their Beauty Wisdom Directly From Their Mums

5 In-House Saucettes Share Their Beauty Wisdom Directly From Their Mums

When it comes to beauty, there are some wise words that ring true.


Let’s take a moment or two to acknowledge those I-told-you-so moments, especially when it comes to matters of hair care, sunscreen, and plucking those eyebrows.
Let’s face it—MUM KNOWS BEST. Five in-house Saucettes and contributors share the beauty best advice received from mum. 

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Clara Pafundi, Photo Editor & Contributing Beauty Photographer

“Tomato is a great natural moisturiser”’—Elisa Pafundi Yasky (Clara’s mum)

In the 70s, when make-up wasn't as long-lasting, mum would create an eyeliner using henna! It would come as a fine powder and she used a tiny brush to do the line. I am yet to try this out. 

After wearing make-up all day, mum would wash her face, and cut two slices of cucumber and rest them on her eyes. This is my humble go-to on long shoot days. 

mothers day

Helen Easson, Beauty Writer

My mother has the perfect skin I’ve ever seen. Clear, glowing, and suspiciously line-free.

For someone who regularly struggles with acne combined with eczema (making any trip for a new foundation quite traumatic for all involved), this makes me red with envy. 

I’m also not exaggerating when I say she has no lines. Not one. I have more on my face than she does. She would hunt me down if I revealed her real age, but let’s say she could legally retire. 

Most people assume this is down to good genes and I have to agree—in part. However, I have on many occasions asked for her secrets. Here are her top tips for beautiful, glowing skin that a peach would be proud of:


I grumbled that I was developing age spots on my hands. My mum looked ruefully down at her own hands and said they’re the only part of her body that is lined and has age spots. She claims this is because she wore gel nails for years. Every time you get gel nails, you put your hands under ultraviolet light to set them. I think my mouth actually hung open at this revelation. UV light obviously causes ageing of the skin (well, duh), but we really don’t think about that when we happily shove our hands under the beautician’s box.


Apparently, an eminent scientist told my mum that he and his team had conducted extensive tests into which anti-ageing products worked best for the skin. After analysing hundreds of products, the good old Vaseline came out on top. Apparently, it’s the only product that really does reduce fine lines. So she has a small pot that she puts on any lines before bed.

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My mother’s name is Madhavi Mehra. Madhavi is a name of Indian origin, which means ‘honey’, an apt name.

Beauty to her has always been “minimalism and being natural”. Her make-up routine was a dab of baby powder, a smudge of kohl or kajal (every Indian woman’s favourite), a dash of lipstick, and some mascara if it was a special occasion. That’s it! My mother’s vintage and classy style have been my inspiration way before the advent of social media beauty connoisseurs.

She believes in the power of Ayurveda and always has a beauty hack ready in her arsenal, which she inherited from my grandmother. She loves DIY facemasks and uses gram flour, fuller’s earth, or sandalwood powder as a base for most of her packs. She would then add other ingredients such as rosewater, yoghurt, milk, honey, or turmeric depending on her requirement, as each ingredient has its own properties to solve the purpose. 

She also taught me that coconut oil can solve any problem. Skin moisturising, allergies, rashes, hair conditioning, make-up removal, or sticky skin after a waxing session—coconut oil is the one-stop solution for all. She also prepared a gooseberry powder hair pack weekly and applied on my hair to induce hair growth and maintain the lustre. I continue to follow this weekly regime, thanks to her.

mothers day

Isabella Williams, Editorial Assistant 

My mum has always been the main influencer in all my beauty and fashion choices. I often look back at the beautiful film photos my dad took of her back in the 80’s in complete awe. With such natural beauty that has lasted through all stages of her life, both my grandmother and my mother (and hopefully me!) have aged beautifully.
Ageing beauty is inevitable so why try and stop it?

The beauty of aging to me is something special and mum has inspired this thought of mine. Mum is my hugely humble role model I have had all my life. It gets to a point of boredom, (because really mum? just stop you are beautiful). She has always taught me that being natural is the only way to go with beauty. Blessing me with amazing skin and the mantra that it’s what’s inside that counts. Good food is the key to healthy glowing skin along with using food for the skin. Mum swears by all natural masques such as whipped egg whites, vinegar rinse for shiny hair, coconut oil and coffee grounds for smoother skin. There are endless recipes for natural beauty with mum and as she says it important to “Just be real baby”.


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So many things that I currently do came directly from my mother. The use of coconut oil for regular deep-hydrating scalp treatment. Rosewater for toning. The best DIY face pack made of gram flour, turmeric, and full-fat cream. My mum naturally has curly hair and in the 70s, she used to actually iron it using a home iron. This obviously didn’t go down well. I would hear this story quite frequently and to a certain degree it made me quite cautious. I am so glad she did. Also, mum always smells really good! I have definitely inherited her love for divine fragrances.