Mum (Always) Knows What's Up

Mum (Always) Knows What's Up

SIX of our favourite women (and boss ladies!) share about their moms; life lessons and best beauty tips.


When Will.I.Am. sang “I got it from my momma,” we felt that. Jokes aside, in the midst of exchanging heart-warming (and often hilarious) stories about our mums for this article, one fact remained: we are the women we are today, because of our mothers.

The truth is, it’s hard to write about moms without getting emotional. And I mean, how can you not? Even writing this now, fills us with so much love and gratitude for our mums. But before we get emotional, this year for Mother’s day, we had the opportunity to have five amazing boss ladies (!!) to share about their moms; life lessons, beauty tips, the works. Because at the end of the day, mums truly know what’s best.


India Bellamy, Co-Founder of Storm & India Tea Sisters

To me my mum is the most beautiful person in the world. She gave up absolutely everything to ensure my two brothers, my sister and I had the best opportunities to grow and succeed in our life. I definitely get my work ethic from my mum; she has always said ‘true success stems from passion and as long as you work hard and love what you’re doing you will be successful’. 

My Mum is a total feminist, she placed a lot of importance on my sister and I being individuals, knowing our worth and being kind to others. Being kind to myself and others is something I practice everyday. Everyone is unique and special in their own way, and it’s important to know our worth and celebrate that, not just on Mothers Day but everyday!

Beauty advice? "When you eat and drink for health and wellness it shows - your skin glows, your energy flows and your eyes shine.”

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Laura Taylor, Promotions Manager at Sony Music and Co-creator of Oh Nine Blog

Growing up my mum drilllllled me on always wearing sunscreen, washing my face before bed and not sharing lip-balm (to this day I live in constant cold-sore fear) -  but refusing to let teenage-me tweeze my eyebrows into pencil thin arches is what I became truly grateful for come my twenties and the rise the bushy brow. Big thanks to her (and Glossier's Boy Brow!).

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Makanaka Tuwe, Founder of Afrika On My Sleeve and Story-Teller

My mother is what I would describe as soft magic, powerful in its graciousness and fiery in its softness. Growing up she has taught me many lessons but one that I will always keep dear to me is about contentment. That in all things seek contentment, seek peace and everything else around you is an added bonus. I have witnessed her flow in and transition out of circumstances, seasons and life's hurdles and turned them into magic. She is not swayed by material things, she not swayed by possessions, she is not obsessed with a fixed idea of how life should be, instead she flows and is content in what she has at that time. The greatest gift of all is the fruits she bears and shares with others especially myself that transcend instant gratification or is glossed over in falsities. Thank you Amai for being my thoroughest gal! 

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Francesca Pecchenino, Brand Manager, Public Library Showroom

The best beauty lessons taught from my mom: never pluck your brows, always have them natural. Always moisturise - face and body, and a little bit of sun is a good thing - spf 70 is too much! 

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Elle Pugh, Co-Founder of ELLE + RILEY

"You'll regret that tattoo on your wedding day" - I'm yet to get married and regretting ALL of my tattoos” 

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Gracie Taylor, Entertainment Reporter, NZME

Mum (Leigh): My mum Leigh has always been an extremely loving figure in my life. She wears her heart on her sleeve and isn’t afraid to have a good old laugh at herself. She is so strong and resilient with all of the challenging things life has thrown at her. One of her main mantras’s when I was growing up was to never say anything was ‘too hard’ to do. She would say ‘don’t put anything in the ‘too hard’ basket’. She actually banned the word from my vocabulary completely and supplemented ‘hard’ for ‘challenging.’ If I was struggling with anything in my life and I’d be upset, she would  always say “it’s not hard, it’s challenging.” It definitely got me through some rough patches and has given me the gift of positivity in dark situations and I definitely inherited her stubborn resilience.

Stepmum (Cherry): My stepmum has always been an amazing businesswoman and ‘go-getter’ who, at the same time is extremely selfless. She has an unwavering kindness that she gives to everyone she meets so freely. She is sassy and kind (which is the ultimate personality combo) and would give you the shirt off her back if she could. She believes you have to work very hard for what you want in life and has always told me that if you want something, just ‘go out and get it.’ She is very inspirational in that way and she also has the best handbag collection I have ever seen!   

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India, Maka, Francesca, Laura, Elle & Gracie (and all your amazing mums) – Thank you ♡


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Make sure you spoil your mum on Mother's Day this year, and let her know just how special she is!

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