Fragrance Review | Jo Malone London Myrrh and Tonka

Fragrance Review | Jo Malone London Myrrh and Tonka

The perfume industry is having a bit of a moment with the Middle East. Oud swirls round department stores, creeping across the insipid fruity florals so beloved of the west.  And generally, I love these stronger scents. If only for that fact that they last much longer, meaning you get more bang for your buck, so to speak.

But the drawback of such heavy scents is they can be too much. Too rich for the daytime and sometimes just a wee bit old lady for the evenings. With this in mind, Jo Malone London has struck a nice balance between the beauty of Middle Eastern perfumery and not being knocked out at ten paces by their heavy sillage.

The newest launch for the Cologne Intense range is the Myrrh and Tonka. On first sniff, is actually made me sneeze as it fizzed out of the bottle. Then it settled into a spicy, creamy cashmere of a scent. It’s sweet, but this is tempered by the spice from the Myrrh. I would say this is a refined and clean version of a Middle Eastern scent, one you can definitely wear to the office. It’s interesting enough not to be too sterile however, as it still retains an air of mystery. This is a distinctly feminine scent that will get you noticed.

This settles quite close to the skin, but you can catch sweet wafts of it throughout the day. All in all,  I really liked it. It has that trademark Jo Malone understated elegance combined with a hint of sexiness, like a lacy bra under a silk blouse and tailored jacket.

- Helen Easson, Contriburing Beauty Editor

Available at Jo Malone London stores and Smith & Caughey's, $185 for 50ml

Jo Malone London

Words | Helen Easson
Photography | Veronika Gulyayeva


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