Meet Nikki Crerar: The Next Frontier of Fitness, Co-Founder of FAT

Meet Nikki Crerar: The Next Frontier of Fitness, Co-Founder of FAT

Nikki Crerar is a model and the founder of FAT – an outdoor fitness training community that is all about feeling good with a big dose of Vitamin D. Photographed here by Karen Ishiguro, makeup by Richard Symons and styling by EJ Cassidy.


nikki wears maggie marilyn

“I am co-owner and operator of an outdoor training service called Fitness All Together (FAT) alongside my partner Elliot.

Long story short, I love exercise and I am fascinated by how our lifestyles can in turn affect our energy levels, our skin, general health and so much more. I started studying nutrition and completed my Personal Training certificate. I was very unsure of how and where I wanted to apply myself. Elliot had started FAT were he was personal training at Silo Park, I got sever FOMO and asked if I could join him, from there we started training larger groups, corporates and even organising our own events.

I was born in Wellington and lived there till I was 4, after that auckland has been pretty much home. I would love to do some travelling and see different cultures and lifestyles around the world.”


“At FAT we are constantly thinking of ways to keep the workouts fresh for our community, wether that's the exercises themselves or the format of the workout. Being outdoors we have lots of room to play around, as well as stairs to “play on” which I know the FAT community just loves (not). Elliot and I are also lucky we work so well together and we can bounce ideas and energy off one another.”


nikki wears maggie marilyn SHIRT with marle skirt

“I would go as far as saying I am a technophobe! Anything that involves any form of technology, I generally push straight to Elliot who is currently studying Graphic Design. I'm probably one of his toughest clients as I'm not afraid to hold back on the good old ‘constructive criticism’”.

”My go to is generally a big grainy salads as they are super filling and usually quite tasty (I hope). My little formula I follow is…
Grain - One or a mix or gluten free grains + Crunch
Toasted nuts and seeds or chickpeas etc
Veggies, Roasted veggies or broccoli and peas, or my favourite roasted cauli + Flavour
Fresh herbs / and or spices like cumin, coriander and turmeric
Creaminess Feta or avo, etc
Sweet, Dates, other dried fruit, or some honey in the dressing
Dressing, New Zealand olive oil and lemon juice.

You can literally pic different grains, nuts and seeds, veg and herbs and it's a different salad each time without much thought.”


Clinique - Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion
Trilogy - certified organic rosehip oil
Aesop - Amazing Face Cleanser
Mecca Cosmetica - To Save Face Super Sunscreen
Biologi - Bd Luminosity Face Serum


This is comb - Honey hair oil

Kevin murphy - Bedroom Hair


“I used to be quite bad; constantly on my phone and scrolling Instagram or concerned about what I was posting. These days I'm definitely less ‘obsessed’ and my phone keeps telling me ‘my activity is down from last week’ which I get a little kick out of :) I think Instagram and other social media platforms can be super positive but we all have to be conscious about the potential negative effects it may subconsciously be having.”


“Book - I'm not much of a reader at all, I'm incredibly slow and somehow read the same page 3 times. However I was desperate to start a book and was recommended Sapien by Yuval Noah Harari so I'm giving that a crack and the first page has been a great read lol.”


Songs - Anything Frank Ocean


Nikki wears karen walker blouse

photography | karen ishiguro
styling | ej cassidy
makeup |
richard symons

thank you nikki, karen, ej cassidy and richard <3