Sauce In Conversation With Paris Georgia

Sauce In Conversation With Paris Georgia

Sauce chats with designers Paris Mitchell and Georgia Cherrie of Paris Georgia. Along with an editorial with Paris Georgia’s NZFW runway look by Adam Bryce.


Designs by Paris Georgia are immediately recognisable. Soft, silky and feminine, they have a way of highlighting yet empowering the female spirit and everything it embodies. There are so many reasons we love this label, eagerly awaiting the arrival of each collection. This Fashion Week, Paris Georgia designers Paris Mitchell and Georgia Cherrie, bring us even more of the good stuff: luxury essentials, timeless classics and 90s-esque pieces that we can’t wait to wear. Paris Georgia are smart women that design for other smart women.

Below, the Paris Georgia girls give us the run down on their latest collection and the overall vibe of the show.

paris Georgia nzfw 2019

Are you able to share a little something about the collection you are showing and the inspiration behind it?

We are continuously inspired by our muses. Strong, refined and intelligent woman. You’ll see our Paris Georgia classics in the collection alongside show focused pieces with voluminous silhouettes and accessories.


What's the concept behind the show itself and the overall vibe

Dusk to Dawn, we wanted to provoke emotion and draw on these two surreal times of day. Teaming up with Dane Mitchell we featured his art on the runway and partnered with Angus Muir on lighting to create the feeling we wanted to.

It was important to us  that we create an emotional response when people walked in the room… we wanted to focus on a moody time of day so the underlying concept behind the show was dusk till dawn. 

We bought this concept to life through a number of elements, one being the music by Graz, an LA based composer. We worked on a light installation with Angus Miur that gradually changed through the show and we were incredibly lucky to have a brass antenna hung in the centre of the catwalk by Artist, Dane Mitchell, the New Zealand Art Biennale representative for 2019.

The antenna actually sends out signals that can be listened to on the radio.

Paris Georgia nzfw


MAKEUP BY NIKI ADLINGTON AND RAEESHA SACHA | ASSISTED BY LUCIE COPPELL | intro by kirrie morgan | styling and interview by zeenat wilkinson