Why Probiotic Skincare Is A Major Thing Now

Why Probiotic Skincare Is A Major Thing Now

From kombucha to sauerkraut to probo-products

It's common to find me extolling about anything fermented - bread, yogurt, idli or kimchi, tell me it is fermented and I am sold. However, when I heard that some yogurt like, bacteria producing products have quickly made way into the beauty repertoire, it grossed me out. “Why would anyone leave numerous invisible living organisms on their skin?”, I thought to myself. If you are thinking the same then hold your horses as we bring you surprising and transformative benefits of probiotic skin care.

Let’s start by understanding the science behind probiotic products. Food magazines, advertising campaigns and diet veterans have coaxed us to associate probiotics with yogurt instantaneously. Naturally abundant with good bacteria, yogurt enhances the digestive tract and flourishes one’s gut. Using the same formula, skin experts developed probiotic skin care products. 

Sara Quilter, the CEO, creator and a skin magician behind the 2016 Innovation award winning Tailor Renew explains, "probiotic communities play a pivotal role to keep your health and wellness in check. In the soil they unlock minerals to help plants grow. Similarly in the gut they help your body digest nutrients and on the skin they make up your skin's biome and help to protect your skin from environmental irritants". She further elaborates that skin is our largest organ and probiotics can help to restore its balance while having an anti-inflammatory effect. It's all about the good bacteria getting into our skin! 

Tailor Renew is the first skincare product made with probiotics and anti-aging benefits in New Zealand. The unique probiotic lysate PRORENEW COMPLEX CLR has exhibited stimulation of skin's natural renewal process while retaining and restoring its youthful appearance. Tailor skincare range is a great summer hack that contains antioxidant rich Grape Seed extract which defends the skin against UV damage. We highly recommend the probiotic serum by Tailor Renew which works miraculously with a pea sized drop. 

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Words | Akanksha Mehra
Cover Image | Freja Beha by Cass Bird
Product Photo | Wono Kim

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