Review | Rare Teas Collection

Review | Rare Teas Collection

It's a tea party

So what does one do with tea that is too precious to drink? Well, Jo Malone London has the answers.
Master Perfumer Serge Majoullier worked with the ancient art of tea making to create alluring and rare tea fragrances for bespoke British fragrance house–Jo Malone London. Sourced from the foothills of Japan and the allure charm and grandiose of the Himalayan mMountain ranges, the wildest, buttery soft teas (some of which have been reserved for centuries for the imperial families) were used as the cradle for these bespoke fragrances;. Teas teas that are exotic and rare yet imbued in traditions. Each fragrance is representative of its special origin and flavour.

Silver Needle
Grown in the lush valleys of Fujian, China, this is a delicate, velvety fragrance enriched with the opulence of rose.

Jade Leaf Tea:
Grown in the cool sea breeze of the southern island of Kyushu, it is steamed to preserve its distinctive green colour. It has crisp, invigorating notes with distinctive freshness.

Darjeeling Tea
Found on the steepest slopes of the Himalayan foothills in the midst of lush mountain mists, this fragrance blooms with exquisite jasmine notes and coolness of Indian davana (rare aromatic herb). 

Oolong Tea:  
Sourced from the rolling mountains of Fujian, China, this one is handpicked, dried on bamboo and heated for its woody elegance. It is sweet with tobacco leaf, cocooning creamy tea infusion of bitter cocoa and tonka beans. It is one of the most unique and lush fragrances we have come across.

Golden Needle Tea
Imagine the warm wooden interior of an ancient Chinese teahouse in the cloud-veiled mountains of Yunnan with notes of leather and spice enveloping the air. Mysterious and romantic.

Midnight Black Tea
This one is on the top of our list. It is created with the most precious pu-erh from China’s Yunnan province and matured for a sensual intensity. This fragrance has a subdued oud-like smokiness and is sure to take you on an oriental journey.

With a price tag of $550 for 175ml bottle, this collection is a true fit for the modern-day royal. But hey, who doesn’t love tea?

Available exclusively at the Jo Malone London store in Britomart Auckland, New Zealand.


 Words | Zeenat Wilkinson
roduct Photography | Clara Pafundi




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