New Found Love for Sans Bio Active Body Exfoliant

New Found Love for Sans Bio Active Body Exfoliant

We’re sure you are all well aware by now that the gals here at Sauce not only love a New Zealand owned and produced product, but a product that is also free from nasties. Right now we’re all about the Sans (ceuticals) bioactive body exfoliant. Here’s why

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Why we rate it?

This luxe product is formulated for dry skin, eczema and dermatitis, boasting ingredients such as facial-grade bamboo grounds — which are a sustainable option for gentle exfoliation, Ginseng — which stimulates and activates the blood flow to regenerate and tone, Shea butter — which is a high anti-inflammatory and Goji extract — which is said to provide good toning properties to the skin.

You can also find ingredients like sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil, sugar cane, coconut oil, vitamin E and fruit and root extracts—you really can’t get more natural than this. Not only is this product gentle on your skin but it has such a subtle scent and it leaves your skin feeling ever-so-soft to the touch after only one application. Packaged in their signature chić black, minimalist tube, this is an absolute must try and 100% Sauce approved!

Why is it so important to exfoliate as we go into cooler months?

As the weather cools your skin is likely to become dry and prone to flakiness. The first step is always to scrub off the dead skin cells that are creating a barrier to reveal a brighter and healthier skin underneath. Exfoliating regularly means you are likely to end up with softer, smoother skin that absorbs oils and creams easily.

Sans Bio Active Body Exfoliant is available here for $56


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