Sauce Round-up | Things That Caught Our Eyes In 2018

Sauce Round-up | Things That  Caught Our Eyes In 2018

SAUCE’S ROUND-UP | Things That Caught Our Eye in 2018

Like the year before (and the year before that) 2018 literally flew by. If you’re a regular online and actively participate in internet culture, chances are there’s been more than a couple of things this year you forgot happened. That’s because we’re loaded with hundreds of information channels every day- so it’s no joke that with the info overload, some things leave our brains as soon as they enter it.

Following that little burb (where I just dissed everyone’s memory capacity) down below we’re complied some notable of moments of this year that had us interested, thinking and wanting to be educated more on whatever it was.

Saudi women finally get behind the wheels, #MeTooMovement from UK to Argentina to India

Despite the continuation of societal setbacks for women of all diversities, the narrative of women’s rights in 2018 turned down an interesting path. In June 2018, a campaign to lift the ban on women getting behind the wheel was finally granted, thanks to the difficult work of Saudi Arabian activists; and although some believe it was legalised as a strategic move by the Saudi government, the women’s rights movement still rejoiced in their victory nonetheless.

We saw the worldwide movement #MeToo, a phrase traced back to 2006 by a social activist, enabling a magnitude of sexual harassment and abuse survivors to come forward and share their experiences out of determination to show the prevalence of sexual abuse- and to erase the silentised stigma surrounding it. We’ve witnessed more women in workplaces, churches and other places speak up and the movement has shown its face in countries from UK to Argentina to India.  

NZ on increasing refugee quota!

During September 2018, the Kiwi government decided on an increased the refugee quota of 1500 in 2020. This one caught our interest straight away as it’s key for our diverse little country to enable others to be resettled in a safe environment. A huge success for campaigners and refugees alike!

Women in politics

Next we saw the UN Women Annual Report publish over 7,000 aspiring political candidates and elected public officials trained and ready for work in 32 countries. In a political climate which saw Irish justice system under fire for it’s poor handling of young woman’s rape case, to Republicans denying American women proper reproduction healthcare, the need for the election of political female leaders is reinforced here.


RIP Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Aretha Franklin and Stephen Hawkling

We witnessed the sad passing of many renounced individuals including that of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade; deaths which added heavily to the conversation around suicide and mental health. Others were Aretha Franklin and Stephen Hawking which had the internet buzzing at the high loss rate of icons this year alone.

Thank you, next

An incredible 2018 album and several hits aside, Ariana Grande’s situation with the overdose and death of her former partner and well renounced rapper Mac Miller highlighted an area not often publicised: the misogynistic and extremely toxic way women are shamed in unhealthy relationships. She released a statement on the minimisation of female self-worth in reply to accusations she was the cause of his spiral downward. This opened up a flurry of internet discussion around the idea that in abusive relationships, women shouldn’t be demonised whilst choosing to take care of their mental health. Mental health should never be weaponised or used against someone- and the situation brought light to this common issue.

2018 gave the world Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians

Representation for people of colour came in the giant box office waves that were the Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians films. It took only 26 weeks for Black Panther to reach a $1 billion box office hits, with Crazy Rich Asians coming in hot with a worldwide gross of $238.5 million. The hint that us POC are so badly wanting to see people like us on our screens should be taken immediately.

 Anyone remember that low-grade audio clip that circulated around, reminiscent of ‘The Dress’ scenario? Yep that was the Yanny Vs Laurel confusion. The clip, which divided friends and families universally as to it’s conclusion, revealed itself to our ears as either Yanny or Laurel- and the fight and has not stopped today.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 2.04.24 pm.png

 Let’s not forget Queer Eye and the ultimate royal wedding

Queer Eye dropped its first season. It absolutely feels like we’ve been watching them for way longer than that?!

The Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan. The most unattainable social event of the year, yet the lovely marriage exchange had a whopping 1.9 billion people staring at their screens.

And in words of @jstlbby we played, lost, forfeit, tried all that. 2019 it’s time to win. It’s time buckle down and get serious!

You ready?


Words | Aasha Samara Nimo

Images via here