Amber Peebles | TV Presenter, Renovator & Content Creator

Amber Peebles | TV Presenter, Renovator & Content Creator

Sauce Meets With All Round Girl Boss | Amber Peebles

If you haven’t heard of this vivacious, dark haired, stunner then you must have been living under a rock. Amber Peebles is the girl whose done it all. Miss World NZ, MTV host, radio broadcaster, interviewer to the stars, fashion editor and renovation extraordinaire are just some of the titles this #girlboss boasts and we just cannot get enough of her.

Amber’s enviable career and chić sense of style are not her only defining attributes, as our latest Saucette is also super down-to-earth and had us all in fits of laughter when we visited her at her stunning home in Mt Albert, which her and her husband, Brooke are currently renovating. Oh, and did we mention she let us have a sneak peek at her wardrobe? Seriously you guys, it was IN-SANE! And to top it all off, we fell head over heels for her darling wee fur baby, Coco, who seems to be just as infatuated with her Mama as we are.

So, after we finished gushing about how cool we all thought she was…and once again, that wardrobe! We sat down and had a quick chat about all things beauty, fashion and Amber. Read on to find out all about what makes this mega babe tick.

Can you divulge a little on how your career started?

My first real job in the industry was hosting MTV NZ, which ran here in NZ for four years roughly before they took it over to AU. I’m pretty sure I got the gig because I’d recently won Miss World NZ. I’d just been on a reality TV show where I ate a live huhu grub and I didn’t take myself to seriously. What more could they need!?

After that I hosted the Red Bull Chronicles on Sky for another three or four years, hosted the More FM breakfast show for a year, tried my hand at fashion editing for Remix Mag and for the past few years I’ve also been hosting Sky All Access for SKY TV and interviewing actors and actress’s overseas on their latest projects. Aside from that I’ve been having a blast with several renovation projects, one in Waiheke and one in Mt Albert where we live. It’s almost finished so now I get to have a play around with interior decorating (which is beyond exciting) and I'll be featuring that on my IG account VERY soon. 

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Can you take us through your beauty routine?

I have a few hero products that I switch between. At the moment I'm loving the Lancôme Camouflage for concealer, you only need the tiniest bit. Then the Smashbox Photofinisher in Radiance with the Bobbi Brown Illuminating Balm—these two are a killer combo that everyone should have, they literally make your skin beam! Lately, my foundation fave has been the Estée Lauder Double Wear, and I always have the Osmosis Pressed Power on me for touch-ups.

Once I have the perfect base I’ll use the Smashbox Bronze Lights as well as their LA Lights ‘Silver Lake Sunset’ colour stick, this one also travels with me as it gives a beautiful cheek sheen. For eyes I love to use the Hoola Bronzer for natural shadowing, I love MAC’s Dazzle Shadow for a soft eye sparkle, Smashbox’s Liquid Eyeliner (always) and Elizabeth Ardens Red Door Mascara—the wand is amazing!

How about when it comes to hair?

For hair, I keep it really simple. I’ve been using The Joyco Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner for well over 10 years: if it’s not broke why fix it, ya know! I use the GHD Aura Hairdryer which I’m sure improves my hair each time I use it, as well as the OraPure Marine Collagen Mix. Okay so that’s not a hair product, it's a shake but I’m super lazy when it comes to actually ‘doing’ my hair, I just want it to be in good condition so it can just do its own thing and OraPure has everything in there to keep it shiny and happy!

Skincare next please!

I’ve recently started using Clarisonic twice a day and I love it. I’ve also been introduced to the Lancôme Absolue Intense Revitalising Cream (SPF15) which delivers a great dose of moisture but never blocks my pores to cause a breakout and it smells like a rose heaven. Double thumbs up! Also, I’m all about that eye cream and I’m really loving Lancôme’s Absolue Eye.  Finally, a definite new gem which I use morning and night is the Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips. Be gone dry lips! It’s a game changer.

What are your top shelf go-tos?

I’m a huge fan of Revitalise * insert fluttering long eyelashes *.  A few of my ultimate face favs are the Lancôme Absolue Nourishing and Revitalizing Rose Mask and their Lancôme Sublime Regenerating Oleo-Serum (I do work with Lancôme and these along with the moisterizer and eye cream are incredible!)

Murad’s Rapid Collagen for Lips and Incarose PIU Volume keep my lips soft and moisturised like no other. For a natural Fake Tan— NOIR has blown me away, it never streaks and always looks fab and I must say, getting ready in the morning has become a lot simpler since I had my brows micro bladed at the On Browhouse, it’s quite life changing to a girl that can’t leave the house without her eyebrows! I’m now going in for some bikini line laser removal because I’m really not a fan of waxing, so I’m pretty excited to start that process. I’ve also gone off topic... I could talk beauty till the cows come home!

One last thing, if you are struggling with pimples (which I was a year or so ago) try It sorted me out in just a few months (after trying everything under the sun).

What do you do to nourish your body from the inside out?

I’m a huge fan of supplements. Morning and night I have a small collection featuring Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules, Vit C, Probiotics and Rhodiola which I wash down with Electrolytes. So good for keeping the bugs away.

Who inspires you creatively?

I get some great inspo from a few IG accounts. One of my favs is Talisa Sutton—She’s always posting amazing interiors that are minimal yet interesting. I’m also really inspired by my mother-in-law, she has the most exotic flair, she continually inspires me to think outside the box.

What was your latest splurge?

Valentino Heels!

Fave item in your wardrobe?

We probably have a tie here. My Coach brown leather jacket and my bright orange cardi, which was given to me by The Knitter—She's amazing!


Best kept secret?

I’m conflicted right now... I want to let you in, BUT then you will know! Okay, here goes. One of the best places in Auckland for second-hand furniture/home decor is the Royal Oak Traders (keep that between us though, it’s a treasure trove) xx

Thank you Amber! See more from her on instagram here 

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