Your Saucy Horoscopes Are Back For August And Boy Are They Something!

Your Saucy Horoscopes Are Back For August And Boy Are They Something!



We're back at it again, but be prepared for a bit of heartbreak hotel (We love you Aries!), crazy coincidences (Aquarius alert) and advice on self-discpline (Looking at you Scorpio). August is a whirlwind of karma, luck and limbo and who'd be better to dish on this month's activities than our top Tarot & Psychic Expert,

 Kimberly Stewart of  The Channelling. 

Kim has shared this month's horoscope in collaboration with

Artist Bonnie Brown of Studio Bon; her beautiful, soft artwork accompanies each sign, perfectly tailored to each!

Ready Sauce readers? Scroll down below to check out the latest predictions for your future.


3 of Swords, King of Swords, Queen of Cups

Aries, I doubt you will heed my warning for you this month as warnings from other people generally don’t sit well with you.

There are tears and heartbreak ahead for you if you decide to take on a new relationship or lover this month. Although this person will be well-educated, intelligent and seem well-rounded in general, they are already heartbroken and don’t have the capacity to love someone new just yet (even though you are the complete package and would be a beautiful prize on their arm!). Want to put this to the test? - tell them they’re your soulmate and watch them run.

For those of you already in a relationship, the bulk of August is going to bring tears and tantrums. Your partner will seem distant, unbending and downright stubborn, but this is simply due to a new level of mental growth within the relationship that needs to take place. Understanding will come shortly afterwards.  

Watch for emotional exhaustion this month as work and family seem to take up plenty of your time.


Knight of Pentacles, The Sun, 2 of Pentacles

You may need to work quite hard this month to smooth out that dent that you made in your finances last month Taurus. Budgeting and balancing money will be at the top of your mind but you’ll do a very good job of it and even reap the rewards from some much needed (and free) financial advice. Don’t worry too much about your credit card debt as it’s going to be gone eventually through your sheer determination and hard work.

There are going to be plenty of social events for you to attend this month and they’ll all end up being quite beneficial to you. Your energy, health and confidence will be at peak level so you’ll handle the fast pace well and even attract some new and interesting people into your life. Namely a new love interest.

For attached Taureans you are going to find that your partner seems a lot more attentive towards you this month. With all this socialising (and combined with your alluring confidence in yourself) your partner is going to see a new side of you that sparks their interest. This month would be the right time to ask for that belated birthday present!


Judgement, 10 of Wands, 4 of Swords

Unlike the other mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) you have a much easier month ahead emotionally which can be described as settled rather than paused. Your mind will be a lot more settled this month Gemini so you’ll be able to make decisions much easier. Whether this relates to love, work, finances or travel, you’ll have a better grasp on reality and won’t be so all-over-the-place like you were last month.

You’ll be analysing your living situation this month and wondering whether you need to change the furniture around, get flatmates in or move out altogether. This is your subconscious trying to organise and secure everything while you’re in the right frame of mind. Any decision you make will be best acted on after Mercury goes back into direct motion on the 19th of August.

For the single Geminis, be aware of people who are have a strong desire for power and status. They will have a narcissistic personality and will eventually drain you of all your energy. Unfortunately, these types will be put in front of you this month to test your reasoning abilities. For the attached Geminis, nights spent in with your Number One will be comforting, pleasurable and peaceful, and will give you both the couple time you need.


Justice, King of Cups, Knight of Swords

This month will feel like a breath of fresh air for you Cancer. You’ve turned a corner and will now find that you are back to your usual self.

Intuition is on your side this month and you’ll be able to use it to make any big decisions. If you have an unusually strong emotional reaction to certain people this month be sure to take note of it and act on this response. This side of you will especially be in tune when it comes to meeting new people. If a potential love interest ticks all the boxes, but you feel cautious for no reason around them, then there’s something in them that will be a danger to you. Likewise, for those of you who are already settled down in Cancerian bliss: if you are feeling insecure for no reason then this is your intuition telling you to do some snooping. (Wow, did I really just recommend that?!)

The cards are warning you to be reasonable with you demands on others at work this month. If you are expecting your co-workers to pick up some of your slack, it won’t happen. Be careful of pushing the boundaries at work as you may find that you implicate your employer in some manner. If you have to think twice about doing something, then don’t do it. Use your intuition!


2 of Swords, 9 of Wands, Knight of Cups

After what was a pretty good month last month you’ll be feeling a little deflated this month Leo. People will seem to be against you, they’ll be ignoring your phone calls and, shock-horror, they may even forget your birthday this month!

Perceived past wrongs have built up and some people in your life will be feeling as though they need a break from you. It’s not so much that you have done anything truly wrong, just that you have a big personality and they need a little break. Why not bring out your sunny, happy-go-lucky demeanour and invite them over for a drink? This will work wonders and help remind them how truly great you are.

You will be in your element this month with love and romance shining brightly down upon you. Attached Leos will have written forms of love given to them and singles will have a new love interest on their way and ready to sweep you off your feet, if they haven’t already done so. Although this new love interest will be temporary, there isn’t any heartbreak surrounding it, and it will most likely develop into a good friendship.


The Hanged Man, Ace of Swords, 4 of Wands

Feeling like you’re in limbo Virgo? Has the excitement faded and now you’re stuck wondering which way your nose is meant to be leading you? Don’t over-analyse your life this month as it is going just the way it’s meant to. August is a month where you need to rest, and the Universe will be forcing this upon you (as it is for the other mutable signs of Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces).

This rest is well-earnt as you have been on the go for most of the year. Your mind needs a break, as do your emotions and body. This pause in your life will be temporary, but trying to force change or movement will be like trying to run through a brick-wall; it won’t happen. Tinder won’t bring you any relief, a recruitment company won’t have any work for you and people probably won’t turn up if you throw a random party. Chill out and use this time to recover.

By the end of August, you’ll start to see some results from this pause. People at work won’t expect you to pick up all the broken pieces in your free time, love interests won’t be late or cancel at the last minute, and friends will be of service to you in some meaningful way.

This month is yours and yours alone Virgo. A lot of good things are going to happen if you let this pause take effect sooner rather than later. Karma is also going to play a major part in your life this month by bringing tantalisingly, spicy, ‘should-I-revel-in-this?’ news of people who hurt you in the past.


Queen of Pentacles, 3 of Wands, 8 of Swords

Are you ready for the career month of your life Libra?...because it’s going to happen in August!

This month brings a lot of changes for the better, especially with regards to work. All that time and energy you’ve spent in the past is about to pay off. This could be in the form of a promotion, pay-rise or, most notably, a new job offer. Whatever it is, it’s a step up the career ladder.

For employed Libras, your boss may also surprise you with a treat such as a massage, facial or gift. And for self-employed Libras you can expect an increase in your sales or income (especially if you are a service-based business).

In matters of love: what you have been nurturing is about to bear fruit. If you’ve been nurturing a crush or a fling for a long time you should see some results in the form of a love token or written declaration. Attached Libras are going to have the same come to them too from their partners. Don’t let mental energy go to waste this month Libra. Worry, indecision and fear need to be put aside in all matters of life as this month is going to be a goodie.


The Chariot, Strength, 10 of Swords

Usually you’re the tenacious one Scorpio but this month will see you having to deal with a tenacious person who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. This could work in your favour though as you’ll be able to dictate the terms and conditions of your dealing with this person. If it’s a potential love interest, the ball is in your court in every respect and you can start off the relationship how you mean to continue.

The self-discipline that you’ve had this year is about to pay off. Socially you’ll be feeling on top of your game, people who crossed you previously (and who you dealt with in a reasonable manner) will try to come back to you, and relationships are solid and moving forward in a positive direction. That forgiveness that you pain-stakingly dished out earlier in the year is about to come back three-fold as people realise how cool-calm and collected you really are.

Optimism won’t elude you this month so make the most of doing what you love, when you want and how you want!


4 of Cups, Page of Pentacles, 3 of Cups

You are another sign which will find itself in limbo this month Sagittarius (seems to be the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces which this feeling will affect most!). Boredom is going to encompass you, which is especially hard for a Sagittarius to deal with. You are naturally a fast-paced sign which is always exploring and adventuring. This month is going to bore you to no end though!

This boredom will be self-inflicted as you have over-done it in the past few months. Invites to parties won’t come your way, the dating pool will dry up and your work place will seem slower in pace. This will be a classic case of your subconscious mind attracting what it truly desires: peace.

There is news of money coming your way though as you have a minor rise in your salary or interest from investments come through. There is also news of an engagement or pregnancy from a friend too. So, news will be abundant, but your social life won’t be.

Your love life needs to be reassessed during this boring phase. Do you still have some scars from your last relationship? This could be causing you to avoid getting into a relationship again for fear of hurt. For attached Sagis, it may be affecting your relationship on a subconscious level. Maybe this boring phase could be filled with some meditation and self-reflection to help heal these scars?


Page of Swords, 10 of Cups, The Hermit

You’ll have a pressing need to hibernate this month Capricorn and for no other reason than you’re happy just where you are at the moment. This month is a good one emotionally as you will feel fulfilled and content with the way your life is going. You won’t feel the need to be around the social buzz, and peace and quiet will be what you crave.

Contracts and documents are going to work in your favour this month, so any amendments that you’d like to add to your work contract should be raised. If you’ve been doing overtime or been handed extra work in the past, then now is the time to dispute these things.

Although you’ll be emotional content this month you may find that loneliness starts to creep in at the end of August. Don’t let this loneliness force you into a bad relationship that’s on offer. Embrace the loneliness, as you’ll probably end up lonelier in this new relationship than out of it.

Be careful of pleasurable gossip which is at the expense of others. It will make you physically sick this month if you take part in it.


9 of Pentacles, 9 of Cups, Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is on your side this month Aquarius and will be bringing with it some strange (yet exciting) coincidences. Chance meetings, valuable finds and risky behaviour turned beneficial will all be a part of August for you!

Fate will certainly be working in your favour this month. For the single Aquarius, you’ll most likely bump into Mr. Right at some point during August and, because he’s Mr. Right, I don’t need to give you any warnings with this one. Attached Aquarians are going to find that their partner is pliable and like putty in their hand. Lady Luck is going to allow you to get away with some pretty questionable behaviour this month that no attached Aquarian would usually take part in!

Your finances are secure this month so treating yourself shouldn’t be an issue. Your self-sufficiency (teamed up with Lady Luck) is going to mean that surprise bargains are waiting for you on your next shopping trip.

Along with the Wheel of Fortune you have been lucky enough for the 9 of Cups to come up for you Aquarius. This is anciently known as ‘The Wish Card’ so be sure to reach for and strive to make all of your wildest dreams and wishes come true this month.


The Star, 5 of Wands, 6 of Pentacles

Pisces you seem to be a little stuck this month just like your fellow mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. This ‘stuck’ feeling has more to do with your friendships than anything else though.

As we know, friendships are very important to the Pisces girl as they help to stabilise and hold her up. The support that they bring is priceless too. Unfortunately, this month you’ll find that a few of your friends seem to be off-side. It feels as though they are being competitive, throwing sneakily snarky comments your way, and flirting with your boyfriend for no reason at all. Do you deserve this? No, of course not! BUT, you may have done the same to them in the past without realising it.

Pisces you are lovely but you have an uncanny ability to unwittingly try and emotionally manipulate people with your actions. This is where your friend’s behaviour is coming from. A revenge of sorts. It will pass after August so try not to let it get to you. You’ll be stuck on how to find a solution to stop this behaviour but deep down the friendship is solid, it just needs to be recalibrated and things will come right.

Sex is high on the cards for you this month and you will find that your sex-drive is literally in over-drive. A sneaky weekend away this month will do you wonders.

Power struggles are on the cards for your workplace this month. Try to avoid being pulled into any childish behaviour in the workplace.



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